Tonight’s precursor to this weekend’s weekend of DVD tapings for SHIMMER: Women Athletes at AAW in Berwyn, IL saw one half of the inaugural Tag Team Champions turn heel and align herself with a new set of friends.

Nevaeh – who was teaming with MsChif and Jessie McKay – hit Your Soul’s Tormentor with a German suplex as she was going for a Descecrator on Mena Libra, who was teaming with Sassy Stephie and SHIMMER Champion Madison Eagles, causing MsChif to be pinned by AAW rival Libra. Nevaeh had been beaten on for the majority of the match, but chose to place herself with Stephie, with Libra suffering a green mist attack after the bell.

The star of the match was McKay, who wowed the crowd with a rana to the outside on Eagles, and a reverse rana to the Champion inside the ring. Eagles herself managed to bring the crowd out of their chairs by hitting Nevaeh with a low leg lariat which looked like it decapitated her opponent.

How this will play into SHIMMER this weekend remains to be seen, but it looks set to be an interesting weekend.

In addition, LuFisto and her opponent at Femmes Fatales VII Kalamity have been announced for the tapings, and West Coast wrestler Buggy, along with Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling talent KC Spinelli also set to make her debut in SPARKLE.