Well, that was some weekend for Women Superstars Uncensored

The WSU sanctioned matches at Great Championship Wrestling had all the trappings of being pretty vanilla affairs. Even though title changes have happened at non-WSU shows in the past – for example, the Belle Saints lost the Tag Team Championship to the Boston Shore at Pro Wrestling Syndicate show in Elmhurst, NY in May – the storylines leading up to next March’s 5th Anniversary Show seem to have been delicately planned out, so few people would have been expecting Sassy Stephie to have lost the Spirit Championship to Rain at the show at Levittown, PA on Saturday. That’s what happened though.

Despite interference from her Midwest Militia cohorts Jessicka Havok and Allysin Kay – thanks to a chair-weilding save from Brittney Savage – Rain managed to nail Stephie with her Raindrop reverse DDT to claim the championship – her first in the promotion. However, the story arc would continue into the next scheduled contest, as well as the unscheduled match which followed later, which would see Rain hold the belt for no more than a couple of hours…

Stephie’s MWM teammates Havok and Kay were up next to take on Savage and Alicia in a tag team affair, but both Stephie got involved in the affair, only to be neutralised by Rain, who came out to have the back of Savage, who helped her out earlier in the evening. With the outside interference thwarted, Rain then swung the advantage to the babyfaces by taking out Kay with the Raindrop so Alicia could get the pin and put the Militia at 0-2 for the evening. The furious Havok then demanded revenge against Rain, challenging her for the Spirit title. Rain accepted, but only on the provision that everyone was banned from ringside, making it a one-on-one affair.

Of course, Kay and Stephie ignored that agreement, showing up in the aisleway during the match. While the ref and Rain told them to go, Havok recovered to deliver an Emerald Frosien and bring the Spirit title back to the Midwest Militia.

The match between Rain and Havok reportedly lasted around 20 minutes, and was a stormer of a contest. We will be able to find out for ourselves when the matches are released on DVD in the future.

All of these antics lead up to November 19’s Breaking Barriers 2 iPPV, where the Militia will take on Savage, Alicia and WSU Champion Mercedes Martinez in a War Games match in the main event. One would expect the Militia to get the victory to give Havok v Martinez at the 5th Year Anniversary a boost, but as has been proven by Saturday’s shows at GCW, nothing can really be assumed with WSU’s booking.

Of course, with the Spirit Championship changing hands, this means changes in the match lineup ahead of March. Stephie was meant to defend the Spirit Championship against Brittney Savage, but considering she no longer holds the belt, that match is now scrapped. Likewise, now that Havok holds the belt, it has made her match against Martinez is now a title for title affair.

WSU has released a number of promo videos following the GCW show, with the Militia throwing down a challenge to Savage and Alicia, as well as Savage responding and upping the stakes, and former champion Rain discussing how she trusts few, and is looking forward to Jetta returning to the promotion in November.

Expect more twists and turns in the coming weeks and months, and we at Ringbelles will endeavour to deliver you every single development.