On a show that had seen two title changes already, the title that many people expected to change hands at WWE Night of Champions didn’t happen. Kelly Kelly retained her WWE Divas Championship against Beth Phoenix for the second Pay Per View in a row. Despite having her hometown crowd vocally on her side, Beth was rolled up by Kelly. At one point, Phoenix’s Divas Of Doom/Salvation teammate Natalya tried to interject herself into the match, but Eve Torres took her out, only to be brutally punished by Phoenix.

After the match, Beth was left sitting in the ring with a dejected look on her face, with commentator Michael Cole asserting that Phoenix had choked in her home town. Based on what was shown, few could argue with that claim.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves – let’s break it down into what was a classic, what was a best seller and what was a dime store romance novel…

The Good

This match was one of their best together, and one of Kelly Kelly’s best by far. It had a good amount of time, they worked together fluidly (as they should, since the house shows have been Beth v Kelly), and the crowd was invested in it. Partly due to Beth being from Buffalo, but that is the type of reaction good women’s matches should receive.

Kelly didn’t bother with weak looking forearms, she did a lot of high flying offense and showed the heart and spirit a babyface underdog should. I, for one, am really proud of how well Kelly did – which goes to show what a difference it makes putting her against a veteran like Phoenix or Natalya versus putting her against one of the Bellas. It’s a major step up from her defence at Money in the Bank. She also showed her willingness to take major bumps, as in the superplex from the top rope.

The Bad

Where can this storyline go from here now that Kelly has faced and beaten Beth (twice) and Natalya (once, in a non-title match)? Possibly we could see Nattie step up and try her luck, since the match on SmackDown was non-title. However, those two are the only veterans left now that Melina and Gail Kim are not with the company and Kharma is on leave, which means Kelly would go back to feuding with women who do not have the necessary experience. It feels very much like this “models vs wrestlers” storyline is dead in the water now, which is unfortunate since there was an interest that hadn’t been there since Kharma’s debut.

The Ugly

The roll up pin was horrid. Had Kelly’s legs been on Beth’s shoulders, it would have been far more believable. Instead we had to suffer through watching her wriggling on the mat, nothing holding her shoulders down at all, through a painfully long three count. Plus, having Kelly win by yet another roll up doesn’t send the right message. It says to me that Kelly can’t get a decisive win. Why not have her deliver two K2s instead? Maybe it’s an old fashioned mentality of mine, but I like it more when a finishing move is used to end a match instead of a quick roll up.


Both women should be proud of themselves tonight. However, it makes one wonder where they will go from here. It seems that the models have definitely won the war against the wrestlers, so where Kelly goes as champion now remains to be seen. It’s a shame – had Beth won the title, it would have been an interesting build up watching Kelly chase the belt. But congratulations to both women tonight, they did a great job.

– Jennifer Logsdon