A year after discussing her career on the Women Of Wrestling Podcast, Killadelphia’s Annie Social joins us on the latest episode of Fight Like A Girl to talk about medieval action movie Kingdom Of Gladiators, in which she plays Teela, a fighting female of the highest order. The DVD has recently been released in Japan with a badass cover, and will be available in the UK on September 19.

You can get a sneak peek of the film by checking out the trailer here.

Annie tells us about how she ended up being asked to be part of the movie, how much she knew of the script before agreeing to it, and wearing a chain-mail bra while swinging a giant sword around.

As part of our 15 minute chat with the former WSU Tag Team Champion, Annie also tells us about her new merchandise, which includes t-shirts, dog tags and a world of promo photos, and her upcoming plans for wrestling, which will send her to Japan for another stint with Kyoko Inoue‘s new promotion, Diana.

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Michael Carl says:

Thanks for another interesting interview.