If you’re reading this, you may already know of Yumi Ohka. However, you may have only heard of the name before now, or you may have only heard it for the first time yesterday when the 32-year old was announced as being one of the members of the SHIMMER: Women Athletes roster for this October’s DVD tapings. No matter what the reason is, you’re here now. Take your shoes off. After all, we’ve got two matches to show you in this week’s Retro instead of the regular one.

9-year veteran Ohka originally got into the grap game as an “athress” – models who would be taught wrestling with the intent of getting them into the acting industry – with the JD’star promotion before it shut down in 2007 and splintered into a number of groups, one of them being her current home promotion, WAVE. Ohka currently works as a heel alongside Bambi, Misaki Ohata and Ayumi Kurihara‘s masked alter-ego A*YU*MI in the Black Dahlia faction. Having said that, there’s a masked wrestler called Sakura Candle who bears a resemblance to Ohka, but that’s nothing but rumours…

The first match we offer to you is from the final JD’star show on July 16, 2007. It’s the opening match of the card, and is Ohka’s first match back from a knee injury and is against future teammate Ohata. It’s a five minute exhibition match, and is a soft introduction to her.

The other match is from WAVE a couple of months later on September 23 in Osaka, and features Yumi against Azumi Hyuga. A longer match this time, split into two parts.