Unlike its last few big-time offerings, which have been shown on iPPV before being released on DVD, this weekend’s Women Superstars Uncensored shows are going straight to the WSU shop. The promotion have two shows in Union City, NJ tonight, with the main matches being Mercedes Martinez defending the WSU World Title against Lexxus, and the increasingly-impressive Jessicka Havok taking on “The WSU Icon” Alicia in a No Holds Barred match.

After the jump, you’ll find all the results. Enjoy.

Details courtesy of WSU, Snapmare and Hit The Ropes

Taping one:
1. Allysin Kay defeated Niya, Tina San Antonio & Marti Belle in a 4-way match to become the #1 contender to the Spirit Title. Kay pinned Niya. Jessicka Havok then came out to congratulate her Team Be Jealous partner, but Alicia responded by laying out Kay with a kendo stick to make sure she doesn’t interfere in the No Holds Barred match. Havok promised that she will kill Alicia tonight. KILL.
2. Nikki Styx beat Barbie with a tombstone piledriver to retain her NYWC Starlet Championship
3. Jana & Jessie “Bonesaw” Brooks bested Jennifer Cruz & Monique when Jana made Monique tap out
4. Serena Deeb pinned Annie Social after a spear. After the match, Serena got on the mic to say that she is the best female wrestler in the world, and that she wants the WSU World Title. She was interrupted by Rain, who made it clear that she wants the World Title too and says she won’t wrestle Gabby Gilbert (TAFKA Roxie Cotton), as she is too good to wrestle a midcarder. Deeb and Rain then agreed to wrestle in the second taping to determine who will challenge for the winner of Martinez and Lexxus for the World Title.
5. Sassy Stephie (who tweeted a photo of herself wearing the Ringbelles Champion t-shirt before the tapings [buy one here]) retained her Spirit Title over Amber with a Kiss My Sass. Allysin Kay was at ringside to scout her potential opponents. It will be Stephie v Kay in taping 2.
6. Gabby Gilbert defeated Violet with a butterfly submission after Gilbert issued an open challenge
7. Brittney Savage pinned Amy Lee with an Ace Crusher in an Uncensored Rules match which went all over the ACE Arena, with weapons including kendo sticks and a dildo. Yes – a dildo. Lee claimed that this was her last match and announced her retirement, saying she’s proud of Savage. Brittney responded by apologising for being “a bitch” for the last two years.
8. Mercedes Martinez defeated Lexxus with the Fisherman Buster in a SEVENTY-THREE MINUTE MATCH, surpassing the 70 minute affair between Martinez and Angel Orsini on June 6, 2009.

Taping two:

1. Annie Social pinned Monique with a split-legged stunner. Following the match, Rick Cataldo berates Monique, but is interrupted by Gabby Gilbert, who challenges him to a match.
2. Gabby Gilbert beat Rick Cataldo with a top rope cannonball
3. The Boston Shore (Amber & Lexxus) defeated Jana & Jessie “Bonesaw” Brooks to retain the WSU Tag Team Titles. As a team, the Shore are still undefeated in WSU and then demanded more competition.
4. Nikki Styx defeated Niya by submission
5. Sassy Stephie v Alliysin Kay went to a no-contest when Jessicka Havok convinced Stephie to join them in Team Be Jealous, much like when Bret Hart stopped brother Owen & brother in law Davey Boy Smith to put aside their differences and form the Hart Foundation stable. The new group is called the Midwest Militia. Marti Belle & Tina San Antonio came out to challenge them to a match.
6. Sassy Stephie & Allysin Kay beat the Belle Saints when Stephie hit the Kiss My Sass on Marti. After the match, Tina called Marti the weak link of the team. Marti replied that she has a secret about Tina, then left the ring.
7. Serena Deeb pinned Rain with a spear to become the #1 contender to the WSU World Title. After the bell, the Boston Shore jumped both Serena and Rain. Boston Shore v Serena Deeb & Rain will take place at the next WSU iPPV
8. Brittney Savage defeated Jennifer Cruz with an Ace Crusher. She then took down Monique and Rick Cataldo with the same move.
9. Jessicka Havok v Alicia’s No Hold Barred match ended in a no-contest in what was an absolute war which went across the building, into the bar and saw two doors being thrown into the ring to be used as weapons. Alicia even managed to put Havok through one door with a straitjacket powerbomb before her Midwest Militia buddies Allysin Kay and Sassy Stephie ran in for the save and to attack Alicia’s second Mercedes Martinez, who was there to neutralise the influence of the Militia. Brittney Savage came out to even the odds when Havok tried to smother Alicia with a towel and the referee threw the match out.

Afterwards, a War Games match with Martinez, Savage & Alicia v Havok, Kay & Stephie was announced for the next iPPV on November 19, and Martinez v Havok for the World Title was announced for the 5th Anniversary Show next March.