Pro Wrestling: EVE has announced the first title defence for new champion Jenny Sjodin, and it’s a big one. A really big one.

The Female Fight Machine will meet an EVE outsider, but someone she knows well – Nordic Women’s Wrestling Alliance Champion Aurora Flame. Two two will wrestle on August 13 at Tangopalatset in Malmo, Sweden for SWS Pro Wrestling .

The NWWA is not a promotion as such. Instead, it is a collective agreement with a number of promotions to stage NWWA sanctioned matches on their shows – much like how the WILD Championship works.

As with the title match at XWA Wrestling in Morecambe, UK last month where Sjodin beat Britani Knight to win the title, this match will be recorded and added to a forthcoming Pro Wrestling: EVE DVD.

Flame won the championship after beating Sjodin in the tournament final back in May, and succesfully defended it days later, though both victories were under questionable circumstances.

After the jump, you can watch the tournament final, as well find out more about Aurora Flame:

Standing 5’5″ and weighing 125lb, the Nokia native (yes, there’s really a place called Nokia) counts Sweet Saraya among her trainers, likes using moves like a spinebuster, La Mistica and powerbombs, and is a serious thorn in the side of Sweden’s Sjodin. However, NWWA has agreed a third match between the two, but the agreement is that both the EVE title AND NWWA belts will be on the line.

In the official press release, EVE insists that win, lose or draw, Sjodin will be part of EVE v Ice Ribbon on October 8 and 9 in Doncaster, UK – making her the first name officially announced for the weekend. However, should she lose the title to Flame, the rematch will take place in Doncaster on October 8.

In a quote from the release:

Right from the get go we at Pro-Wrestling:EVE stated that our mission was to showcase to the rest of the world just how great the European female wrestling scene is and how highly competitive the Professionals of EVE are. Evidence of this itself was shown when the first Pro-Wrestling:EVE Champion Britani Knight lost the EVE Championship to Sweden’s ‘Female Fight Machine’ in just her second title defence and now here we are looking at a scenario where Sjodin could very likely lose the Pro-Wrestling:EVE Championship in her FIRST title defence against the woman who is 2 and 0 against her in NWWA battles – Aurora Flame.

This match looks set to expand EVE’s matches outside of England for the first time. It will be interesting to see how far these sanctioned matches could spread in the future.

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