As she discussed with us a month ago, SHIMMER Champion Madison Eagles is leaving the US and returning to Australia. She’s made the decision after suffering continued problems with her shoulder following a car crash in April, just after wrestling Manami Toyota at CHIKARA King Of Trios.

In a blog post on CHIKARA’s website, Eagles informed us of her current situation:

This has to be the hardest thing I have had to write in a long time. I regretfully am having to remove myself from CHIKARA action, only a short time after I petitioned to the Director of Fun to have me added to the fulltime roster. The whole reason I wanted to be a part of CHIKARA is because it meant I could regularly compete alongside, and against, the top wrestlers in the world. So I have to ask myself “how can I compete against the best when I am not even nearly at my best?”

On April 19th, I was in a car accident that at the time didn’t seem so bad. I initially suffered whiplash and had my whole neck and back seize up with spasms. Only after getting work done on my neck to release it enough to be able to turn my neck, did my shoulder and arm show signs of a nagging problem. Only after spending time getting x-rays, MRI’s and seeing specialists, did I start getting answers. A S.L.A.P. tear and two places with Tendonitis that are not healing by themselves. All of which cause great pain in day to day activities, let alone when it comes to wrestling and weekly training sessions…and, to say the least, health insurance in the USA is quite different than at home in Australia.

Eagles has only wrestled two matches since that crash. The first was an 8-person mixed tag team match for CHIKARA on May 21 where she teamed with Fire Ant, Green Ant and Soldier Ant against Ares, Tursas, Daizee Haze and Jakob Hammermeier , and her appearance in Montreal on June 4 at part of NCW: Femmes Fatales VI, beating Courtney Rush. In that match, Eagles was sporting a lot of support tape on her shoulder. While at the time it was reported that she came out of the match unscathed, it seems the residual effects are causing too many problems.

I need to take the high road, unlike every other time I have been injured, and take myself out of active competition. When I wrestled in the 8-man tag on the 21st of May in Easton (alongside The Colony) I felt completely out of place. Knowing my restrictions held me back in a big way – and there is no way I can continue competing at such a high standard while I am so disabled.

It’s sad that she’s having to bow out of CHIKARA – and wrestling in general for a few months while she gets treatment – but she is doing what she has to do. In her chat with us last month, she insisted that she would still be available for the SHIMMER DVD tapings in October. While we hope that is still the case, we understand that Madison’s health must come first, and we wish her a full recovery, no matter how long it takes.

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Duke of Bridgewater says:

It’s really sad that Madison Eagles had to withdraw from the upcoming match against Mickie Knuckles at “Stiff Competition 2″ just a week before the show. For me, it was the match I was looking forward to the most this summer.
(Of course it wouldn’t have made much sense to wrestle with a bad shoulder, produce a disappointing match and risk further injury in the process. This should have been a classic.)

I hope Madison will recover soon and fully, so she can defend her title at the Shimmer tapings in October.
And I hope she will wrestle Mickie later this year.