She talked about winning the whole shebang as part of last week’s Women of Wrestling Podcast, and she came through – Rachel Summerlyn went through Christina Von Eerie, last year’s winner Portia Perez and Athena to become the 2011 Anarchy Championship Wrestling American Joshi Queen of Queens.

The tournament’s been known for providing upsets – such as little Jessica James making Sara Del Rey tap out in the opening round of last year’s tournament – and this year was no exception, with Five Star Amanda Fox repeating her success earlier this year by beating Serena Deeb to progress to the semi-finals. However, the shockers didn’t start there – in fact, big angles took place even before the opening bell rung…

Lillie Mae – who was due to wrestle Athena in the opening round – was taken out of action with a broken nose during the group photo with all the tournament’s participants. She was attacked with a wrench by Perez – Mae was replaced by Angel Blue.

In the opening round, Perez beat Mia Yim, Summerlyn defeated Von Eerie, Athena beat Blue, and Serena was beaten by Fox, in what many have proclaimed the match of the night.

Following those results, Daffney made her return to ACW since last year’s tournament for a special presentation and to tweak one of the advertised matches, which was meant to be last year’s finalist Jessica James taking on JT LaMotta. She revealed that instead of James, he would be taking on Jessica’s alter-ego, the American Joshi Champion Lady Poison, who defeated her male opposition.

The first semi-final produced a shocker, as Summerlyn beat Perez. While that’s not a surprise in itself, the means of her victory was, as Portia’s partner in crime Super Electro attacked her and revealed himself to be Robert Evans, who was partly responsible for Perez winning last year’s tournament and the American Joshi title in the process. He’s been in exile and waiting for months to gain his revenge on her after she snubbed his romantic advances, and led to one of the most awesome promos you’ll see all year, which you can find below:

In the other semi final, Athena took down Amanda Fox to advance and face Summerlyn.

Following a successful ACW Heavyweight Title defence by Davey Vega over Darin Childs and the DGF Army beating The Takeover, we were treated to rivals Athena and Summerlyn doing battle once again – however, there wouldn’t be the 10,000 thumbtacks like they had at Guilty By Association back in January, as Summerlyn discussed during the podcast. To add some fuel to the fire, Athena also attacked Rachel earlier this month during Summerlyn’s match against LaMotta. In the end though, the result was flipped from GBA, with Summerlyn getting a receipt on Athena and beating her to become the third annual American Joshi Queen of Queens.

Many of the tweets we’ve seen from fans who were at Hooligans in Live Oak, TX, said it was a brilliant show. If it’s anything like last year’s tournament, you’ll need to catch it when it’s released on DVD.

– Lee Burton

Thanks to rk3689 at the ACW Forum for the results.
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Jennifer says:

Wow, thanks for the details Brandon! Sounds like an amazing show, can’t wait for it to be released on DVD. It’s great more promotions like ACW are giving relatively unknown names a chance to shine, like Amanda Fox & Lillie Mae. Makes me want to find a way to make it down for a show!

Brandon says:

Just like the previous two tournaments, this year’s was no different. This will go down as one of my favorite shows of the year. Just the storyline, the wrestling, the excitement, and the emotion only are why people need to not only check this DVD out, but to come to Texas to check out this amazing art of the sport in Anarchy Championship Wrestling. Believe me, there are people that came from another state and/or country just to see this one show, and it’s an honor for ACW to get some international support. Yes, there where no Sara Del Rey, Daizee Haze, MsChif at this years show, but ACW proves that you don’t have to rely on big names to get a product over. This year’s tourney was all about the younger girls, and man, did they represent tonight. Every participant showed out what they are capable of (except for Lillie Mae, who didn’t get to compete. Blame Portia for that.) Angel Blue was an acceptable replacement to bow down for the Goddess. Mia Yim was no slore at this show. Christina Von Eerie’s uniqueness will get her places, and she feels right at home at ACW. Serena is incredible! Such a sweet, humble person in real life, but when she wrestles, she wrestles like the best. I told this to her that since leaving WWE, she has had one of the best careers in wrestling. I was an horror seeing Daffney again. She’s in my prayers for that things will go well with her law suit. Portia’s character, as mentioned earlier, has evolved into a more cunning, creepy, spiteful, vindictive individual. And that’s what’s missing in a heel, now a days. But karma bit Portia in the ass and, as R-Truth says it, she got got by Robert Evans. Lady Poison made the Joshis, and Daffney, proud but shutting up JT Lamotta.

And lastly, my MVPs for the tournament. First off, Athena…Athena…Athena…two words – “Team Athena!”…and I thank you. But all seriousness, Athena continues to dominate wherever she goes. She took out some men at the last show, made great impressions at SHIMMER and WSU, and now solidifies herself as one of the top up-and-coming stars to date. Next is Amanda Fox. My god, this girl can go! She’s under 2 years in the business and she’s 19 years old, and she delivered the best match of that entire show, with Serena. Amanda is, to me and others, the female Bryan Danielson, because she’s a great technician in the ring and her appeal is Danielson inspired, as well. She, this year, is what Athena had last year, as far as being unknown to the fans and once buying the Queen of Queens DVD, people start taking more notice of talent. Athena hanged with a top tier MsChif last year, and this year Amanda hanged with top tier Serena Deeb. Now people will take notice of “Five Star” Amanda Fox. And finally, this year’s Queen of Queens, Rachel Summerlyn. Out of all the Joshis in ACW, no one has grown more then the first lady of ACW, herself. To debut in deathmatches, to wrestle the first women’s match in ACW, to taking such harsh criticism in first SHIMMER impression, Rachel has grown into one of the most fun, caring, and rough-n-tough women in the art of wrestling. Despite all the punishment she goes through, she still lives happy a la Hiroyo Matsumoto. This was her third Queen of Queens Tournament, and after 3 attempts, she’s finally claim her throne. Her emotional speech at the end was just amazing, and it showed that it was a hard road for Mrs. Summerlyn to get that trophy, as she is in the best shape of her life, and more agile than before. Her charisma, personality, stamina, and toughness will get her far in the business. And for that, I congratulate my fellow Texan Rachel Summerlyn on becoming the 2011 ACW American Joshi Queen of Queens! You deserve it, girl.

Leron says:

Amanda Fox vs. Serena Deeb was the match of the night! Serena had a hell of a weekend with her match at WSU with Nikki and now this performance. Great show to see live and if anyone wants to see some really great women’s wrestling, they should most definitely pick up the dvd!

Caz says:

‘Lillie Mae – who was due to wrestle Athena in the opening round – was taken out of action with a broken nose during the group photo with all the tournament’s participants. She was attacked with a wrench by Perez’


Awesome for Rachel but i was hoping Athena would win.