For the past three years, WSU has held an Uncensored Rumble to crown a number one contender. Going into it this year, Jessicka Havok was the strongest contender to win it all, though she would have to go through Alicia in an Uncensored Rules match first. Also on the card, among other matches, was Sassy Stephanie’s first title defense against the veteran Rain, new tag team champions Boston Shore defending against the Belle Saints, Marti Belle and Tina San Antonio, and Mercedes Martinez defending her WSU Championship against Britney Savage. Would the show live up to the hype? Let’s find out…

The iPPV was 20 minutes late starting, but wrestling fans are somewhat used to this. The stream flickered on to show Amy Lee in the ring, cutting a promo on fans in the crowd. The less said about this, the better.

The show kicked off with Sassy Stephie defending her WSU Spirit title against the Radiant Rain (who arrived in a new outfit, and to Jetta’s music “Something Kinda Oooh” – nice nod to her former tag team partner). What we saw was a strong, solid opening contest between a veteran and a woman who has only been wrestling since 2007. But despite Rain’s experience, Stephie fought back and delivered a Kiss My Sass to retain the Spirit title. Both women looked excellent, and it was a great match to start the iPPV off with.

Next up was the Boston Shore, Amber and Lexxus, defending their WSU Tag Team Championships against the former champs, the Belle Saints, Marti Belle and Tina San Antonio. The two had lost the belts last month to the Shore, due to mis-communication between the two Saints. Tina had taken exception to Marti recruiting Jazz at the last iPPV, WSU’s “Four Year Anniversary” to be her partner, and relations had been strained ever since then. At tonight’s Rumble, the question was if the two would be on the same page or not.

The match was mostly the Shore dominating Tina San Antonio, keeping her isolated from tagging out to Marti. Amber and Lexxus are good heels and they took turns mocking the crowd, mocking Marti while punishing Tina. When Tina finally got the hot tag, Marti cleaned house. However, mis-communication between the two partners (one of the Shore grabbed a title belt and intended to hit Tina, but Marti grabbed it; Tina saw Marti with the belt in her hand and became suspicious) doomed their chances, leading the Boston Shore to keep their tag titles. After the match, Tina and Marti exchanged words, Tina finally leaving the ring. Trouble continues to brew between these two partners, but decent match nonetheless.

Serena Deeb vs. Nikki Roxx was one of the best matches on the card in this writer’s humble opinion. I thought both women were heels, but the crowd got behind Nikki due to Serena’s villainous behavior. (On a side note, Serena competed in the iPPV, and today is competing in ACW’s Queen of Queens tournament. Now that is dedication to wrestling!) The match started out as a nice, technical bout between two experienced veterans, but once Serena saw she couldn’t outwrestle her opponent, she turned to dirty tricks such as hair pulling and eye gouging. Twice Roxx went for the Barbie Crusher, but Serena escaped both times, finally nailing her with a spear for the win. Excellent match between the two, hopefully we see a sequel in the future.

Next was an eight-person tag team bout that was to determine who would get the number 1 slot in the Rumble and who would get the last entry slot. The first person to be eliminated would be Number 1, the person who made the last pin would be Number 23. A bit confusing to say the least. Team 1 consisted of Allysin Kay, Monique, Jennifer Cruz and the ‘Boy Diva’ Rick Cataldo. Team 2 consisted of Amy Lee, Jamilia Craft, Jana and Nikki Styx. At first, it looked like this would be a dance off, but that changed once Rick insulted Amy Lee. A fairly forgettable match, Rick was eliminated first making him Entry # 1 in the Rumble. Amy pinned Allysin Kay, making her Entry # 23 in the Rumble, and her and Jamilia Craft were the sole survivors of the tag match. In a classy moment, Amy Lee announced Jamilia would be heading to Japan to live and train and sent her off with an ovation from the crowd. Amy also announced that she would be retiring soon, but did not give a date as to when this would be.

Jillian Hall made her WSU debut, being introduced by her “bestie” Kristin Astara, who talked down to her about how WSU wasn’t “sports entertainment” or “the Grand Ol’ Opry.” Jillian wasn’t about to take this and quickly slapped her down. The match was very short and pretty dull, but considering all Jillian has been through in the past year, I was not expecting too much. The end came when Kristin pulled off her boot and attempted to use it, but threw it to Jillian and told the referee Hall had used it. The referee announced Kristin the winner via DQ.

Another woman made her debut at WSU tonight, that being Allison Danger. She faced off against Cindy Rogers in the latter’s retirement match. This bout picked up the pace of the card again, and given their history the crowd was very into it and very much on Cindy’s side. The two started out technically, exchanging holds and submissions, each reversing the other. However, once Allison’s temper flared, it turned into a brawl that went outside the ring and had some hard hitting shots. The emotion behind this match was very palpable; both women gave it their all in a tremendous contest. Allison finally tapped out to Cindy’s dragon sleeper submission. The two hugged and cried afterwards, which was a great moment to witness. On a personal note, I always thought Cindy Rogers was a good wrestler, but her character was a bit bland. However, I never doubted her in-ring skills or her devotion to wrestling. I wish Cindy all the best in the future and hope she will find happiness outside of the business.

Niya was set to take on Barbie but after a few minutes in the ring, Jessicka Havok came in and destroyed both women, then demanded Alicia come out for their Uncensored Rules match. These two women went to war, there was nothing technical about this match at all. They brawled all the way around the ring, went into the crowd and made a full circle around the arena. Hard hitting shots, and at one point, Havok’s “protégé”, Allysin Kay, came out to help out her mentor. Alicia’s mom got into the mix towards the end, and was instrumental in that, when Jessicka had Alicia in the crossface, using a chain to choke her out, Alicia’s mother grabbed a towel and threw it in. Alicia was passed out, so the referee stopped the match, awarding Havok the win. Absolutely brutal fight between the two, you could feel the anger between them.

Then it was time for WSU Champion Mercedes Martinez to defend against Brittney Savage. Savage had vowed to win the title, going so far as to attack Mercedes when both were up competing for Montreal’s NCW Femme Fatales promotion. Many thought Savage would be no match for Mercedes, but this was a pretty even contest, both women getting several near-falls. We almost had a new champion when Savage nailed Martinez in the back of the head with the title belt, then hit an Ace Crusher for the pin. Mercedes had her foot on the ropes but the referee didn’t see and proclaimed Brittney the winner and new champion. Fortunately, senior referee Kenny Edwards informed the in-ring referee of what had happened, and restarted the match. Brittney went for another Ace Crusher but Mercedes countered into a Fisherman’s Buster for the 1-2-3. This was Mercedes’ 44th title defense, but it wasn’t nearly as good as some of her previous bouts with other opponents.

The main event was the Uncensored Rumble. The ‘Boy Diva’ Rick Cataldo was supposed to have been the first person out for the rumble, but the commentator announced he had suffered a concussion and would not be competing. So the new first person out was Lexxus of the Boston Shore. Number two was her partner, Amber. This set up quite an advantage for them versus whoever came out next – which turned out to be Spirit Champion, Sassy Stephie. Cataldo ended up coming in at number 10.

I won’t bore you by recapping the order of entries or of eliminations, but as I mentioned earlier, Havok was the heavy favourite to win. Imagine the shock of everyone, including myself, when, after entering as number 21, her and Allysin Kay were eliminated by entry number 22 – Alicia! “The WSU Icon” then went on to eliminate herself and take the fight to Havok, leaving us with a final four comprised of the first two entries, Lexxus & Amber, as well as Nikki Roxx and Serena Deeb. Serena and Nikki teamed up to take out Amber, but Lexxus tossed out Roxx, then upon seeing Serena coming with a spear, moved so that Serena eliminated herself through the ropes. The winner of the Uncensored Rumble – Lexxus of the Boston Shore.

The show ended when Mercedes came out and chased off Lexxus and Amber, promising to deliver a NY-style beating to the Bostonite, then called out Cindy for a hug and a final send off.

The Good: The new commentator was much better than than previous ones. He knew the various holds and moves, and didn’t make lurid or cheesy comments about the women. Production was better, especially when the bouts moved into the crowd, the cameramen kept pace with the action. The standout bouts for me were Serena/Nikki, Cindy/Allison and Alicia/Jessicka, and Stephie/Rain was a strong way to start the show. The first two had plenty of classic mat-based wrestling but also some brawling mixed in so you got the best of both worlds. The third was a brutal contest, showing women can be as violent as men in wrestling. I love seeing that vicious side emerge, and Jessicka Havok is as vicious as they get.

The Bad: From time to time, the audio would cut out but this wasn’t too bad. The eight-person tag was pretty messy and confusing. There were some decent parts to it, but it felt out of place somewhat. What makes absolutely no sense to me is having Lexxus win the Rumble, as opposed to someone who had a lot more momentum, like Havok. If not Havok, then someone who is a more credible threat, such as Nikki or Serena (granted, she just had a title shot but she is still very much a contender in my mind). At first glance, Lexxus doesn’t feel like a credible threat to Mercedes, and had her tag team partner Amber not been there with her, the outcome might have been different. She gets her shot at Mercedes on August 6th, so hopefully WSU can build up Lexxus as a threat to the champion, but her winning the Rumble was a huge let down.

Does this mean you shouldn’t buy the DVD when it becomes available? Absolutely not. I paid $14.99 for the iPPV and I feel like I got my money’s worth. This is the third WSU iPPV I have purchased and I have yet to regret it. It’s a good company that presents respectable female wrestling – something that I support 100%. The Uncensored Rumble 4 is definitely worth plunking down the cash for. Check out the replay on GoFightLive or buy the DVD once it becomes available.

– Jennifer Logsdon

Marti Belle says:

One slight correction:
During the tag match, Marti had Lexxus down for the pin, it was Tina who grabbed the belt from Amber and held it over Marti’s head, not the opposite.

Great review otherwise! Thanks for the support!

Caz says:

I really think that Mercedes will finally drop the title to Havok, so they are trying to stretch it out a bit until she finally gets her shot.

Lexxus winning was a shock but so was Jetta winning a title shot in SHIMMER.
The fact that Jetta had her match on the night makes it much easier to sell as a main event match.

WSU have now got to get people to want to watch a show that’s main event is Mercedes Martinez v Lexxus, when MM v A.Social/Nikki/Serena/Rain or even Danger would be much more appealing