So, we at Ringbelles had decided to go big with coverage of Britani Knight‘s big EVE title defense in XWA this evening – so Lee’s up in Morcambe as I write this, patiently awaiting the much hyped bout between Knight and Jenny Sjodin for the belt… when all of a sudden, Saraya Knight pops up on facebook with a status update that throws the future of British women’s wrestling into question.

Please note: I nor any WAW female wrestlers are to be associated with Pro-wrestling Eve, We WILL NOT BE APPEARING on any up and coming shows. The business relationship is over and it will NOT ever be reconciled!

For those who know the history between Saraya and EVE Promoter Dann Read, the fact that they ever worked together with EVE is an astounding turnaround from the bad blood that had run between them after a vicious falling out back in the ChickFight days. The uneasy alliance seemed to work well, but this latest status update suggested that something had gone south very quickly. I got on the phone to Saraya. The entire contents of the conversation we had are, for reasons that will become obvious at a later time, not for public consumption right now – but it seems that the relationship has been going downhill for a while. Minor incidents on top of minor incidents… and all it needed was a straw to break the camel’s back. That came today.

Britani travelled to Morcambe today against the wishes of family members – ill, with swollen legs and voice gone, because of promises made by Dann that he wanted to get her booked all around the country and get a number of successful defences under her belt – thereby increasing EVE’s national exposure. On arrival, further issues came to light on the EVE/WAW partnership that angered Saraya and made the ongoing relationship untenable.

This was it. Saraya immediately called Dann – who is in Morcambe for the match – and left him a voice message explaining the situation (as only she can do), and announced the immediate and complete withdrawal of WAW from Pro Wrestling EVE.

UPDATE: The Knight/Sjodin match is history, and Sjodin is your NEW Pro Wrestling EVE Champion in nine minutes. In details from Lee in Morcambe, Sjodin went for the arm right from the beginning, and the match spilled to the outside – with Sjodin hitting a draping DDT from the apron to the floor. They brawled at ringside, and Sjodin threw Knight’s arm into the ringpost. Back inside, Knight rallied with a Code Red for a near fall, a Knight Light (her usual finisher – which saw Sjodin get a foot on the ropes) and then miss a Zebra Crossing Elbow from the top rope. A second attempt at a top rope elbow saw Sjodin suplerplex Knight and lock her in the Cross Armbreaker. Knight tapped.

After the show, Lee managed to briefly catch up with Britani and Jenny to get their thoughts on the WAW/EVE split, as well as whether it affected their preparations for the match.

Lee Burton talks to Britani Knight and Jenny Sjodin

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This morning, we received a statement from Pro Wrestling: EVE’s Emily Read:

It is with regret that we announce the WAW Gym’s withdrawal from Pro-Wrestling:EVE. Everyone at Pro-Wrestling:EVE would like to thank those at WAW for their previous involvement and wish them well with their new ventures.

Pro-Wrestling:EVE has and always will be about supporting and showcasing the female professional wrestlers of Europe. Sadly independent wrestling in Europe is not yet at the stage where contracts offering a guaranteed wage can be offered meaning making a living as a professional wrestler can often be difficult. It is our company policy to give members of our roster the freedom to work where ever they please and to never negatively effect the chances of them earning their living as professional wrestlers. We support female wrestling, and will continue to support female wrestling companies.

Away from this, Pro-Wrestling:EVE would like to congratulate new Pro-Wrestling: EVE Champion ‘The Female Fight Machine’ Jenny Sjodin on her title victory last night in Morecambe.

With a loaded roster of talent such as The Alpha Female, ‘Portugal’s Perfect Athlete’ Shanna, Erin Angel, April Davids, Nikki Storm, Super Janey B, Rhia O’Reilly, Em-Jay, Kay Lee Ray, Carmel Jacob and Sara-Marie Taylor of The Glamour Gym, ‘The Hardcore Daredevil’ Blue Nikita (the list goes on and on) along with Jenny Sjodin as our champion Pro-Wrestling: EVE will continue to be at the forefront of European professional wrestling and are excited at what the future will bring.

We now look ahead to Sjodin’s up-coming title defences (details coming soon) and the ground breaking Pro-Wrestling: EVE vs Ice Ribbon Series in Doncaster on October 8th and 9th. Details and tickets for this event can be found at

However, the future of Rhia O’Reilly and Pollyanna in EVE may also be in question after their home promotion, Extreme World Wrestling, made a statement earlier today, siding with Saraya:

As great supporters of Women’s Wrestling and as we agree whole heartedly with our good friends at WAW, WAWW and Saraya Knight we will no longer be using any of the Pro:Eve Roster at our events, nor permitting any of our Female Stars or trainees to appear at their shows. We are commited to the future of Women’s Wrestling in the Uk.

The part about not wishing to book girls who choose to wrestle for EVE is pretty controversial. This is a rapidly evolving story, and we will keep you updated here at Ringbelles.

Monty Burns says:

Anyone who enters into a business relationship with the Knights needs their head examined. They’ve got an appalling reputation here in Norwich. With everything that goes on in their lives they have the gall to wonder why people are against them.

Mike Bennett says:

Well if she had so much time to rest and recover before her match, then I don’t see why her family, the tough as hell Knights, would want her to skip a booking over feeling ill.

Monty Burns says:

Wow!WAW and the Knight family falling out with someone else in the wrestling business. How shocking! Something like this has never happened before, especially with Dann Read.

Oh wait, the 2002 Dawn of a NEW Era row involving Low-Ki, which saw WAW pulling the Zebra Kid from the show.

WAW giving up it’s venue for the Chickfight show in 2008, only for Ricky Knight to go on a rant on his blog about how Read never booked any of his WAW women (namely his family) for the next Chickfight show.

I could go on…..

Mike Bennett says:

Hey, if Britani’s voice was gone, how come she sounded just fine after the show?

Ringbelles Admin says:

If you take into account that the drive between her front door and the venue is at least 5 and a half hours (which she could have slept for the bulk of in the passenger seat) and she would have arrived there two hours ahead of bell time, then there was a 3 hour show, that’s a lot of time for her to get some rest and recover.

Mike Bennett says:

Wasn’t there a note about the match going six minutes? I was wondering why it was removed.

Flying squirrel says:

From what i have seen both brands are just proteting their talent and The EWW thing perhaps is misconstrued. Saying that there is enough non eve talent for them to have a decent womens division so id bet thats what they are going for now.

Ringbelles Admin says:

We can promise you: this is NOT a work.

Rabid Womble says:

You ased via Twiiter what we think but the reason for this hasn’t been revealed, so it’s kind of impossible to give you an opinion.

I think it’s all a work anyway.

We’ve got Eve vs Ice Ribbon in October and this will set up nicely an Eve vs WAW card in the future.

Tobias Amsel says:

From what I hear I can fully understand Saraya Knights reasons to break up with EVE. But what EWW is doing is still nothing less than shockingly unprofessional!