Joshi legend, multi time champion and Diana promoter Kyoko Inoue is making a whistlestop tour of the US in the middle of this month, wrestling for Combat Zone Wrestling, taking part in a training session and doing some signing appearances.

The 41-year old debuted in 1988, and in that time, has won countless titles in AJW, WWWA and NEO, as well as winning mens’ championships in DDT and WEW – additionally, she was the first woman to hold a male belt in Japan. Having wrestled for more than 22 years and wrestling four matches which were give five stars by the Wrestling Observer, Inoue also won Match of the Year in 1995 for her contest against Manami Toyota on May 7.

1995 was a pretty big year for Inoue, as she also gained some exposure to an American (and possibly worldwide) audience by working briefly for the WWF, competing in an 8-woman elimination match at the Survivor Series and also competing on Monday Night Raw in December (click the links to see the matches). Unfortunately, the division crumbled the following month when Women’s Champion Alundra Blayze‘s contract expired and she jumped to WCW.

Diana has produced six cards since launching earlier this year, and recently flew in Annie Social, Rain and Betsy Ruth/Rosie Lottalove to compete on some of the promotion’s May shows. However, attendances have been disappointing, with one show drawing just 52 paying fans.

Inoue’s appearances will be:

June 10: Autograph signing at Don’s Sandwich Shop in Boonton, NJ (also featuring Sumie Sakai)
June 11: Autograph signing at Garden State Exhibit Center, Somerset, NJ (also featuring Sumie Sakai)
June 11: Combat Zone Wrestling against Sumie Sakai at the Asylum Arena, Philadelphia, PA
June 12: Seminar and Diana tryouts at ACPW Wrestling school, Folcroft, PA

shonshu says:

Kyoko is a lot of fun. One of the greats. At least in the 90’s the real crowd favourite.