Who’s ready for another piece of exclusive news from Ringbelles?

Older fans of the Women of Wrestling Podcast will remember us producing a show straight after the first Pro Wrestling: EVE event where we spoke to Dann Read and former Gladiator Jemma Palmer. As part of that show, we got an update on Jemma’s agonising wait for a visa so she could report to Florida Championship Wrestling as part of her WWE Development deal. However over the last year, Jemma remained on British soil, wrestling more and more shows.

So, a year after our first meeting, Lee Burton dropped by a show 5 minutes walk from his house to speak to Jemma about what her first year of wrestling has been like, as well as her current status with WWE. As a bonus, Lee also got to talk to Jemma’s younger sister Faye, who’s also made the decision to step into the ring.
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Casey says:

Really love these Fight Like A Girl audio shows. Anyways onto the interview. It’s a shame that the WWE released Jemma right after she got her visa. Seems a bit… dumb to make her go through all that just to release her and say theirs “no room” when they have hired so many girls as of late. Glad she’s continuing to wrestle though. She seems like she has alot of passion for it. Hopefully she’ll be able to come to the US or Japan soon. Great interview as usual. Can’t wait for the next edition :)