If you haven’t listened to our latest Women Of Wrestling Podcast with Nicole Matthews yet, do – not only is it a great, no-holds-barred listen, but she talks about her only babyface run, which is what inspired this week’s Retro.

Nicole discussed watching her boyfriend performing a Superman dive off a balcony as part of a TLC match, and joked that she would do the same in her TLC match the following year. Well, the actually went through with it, but she’s not the first woman to do the big dive in an intergender hardcore affair.

Back in 2003, a collective called the Family was causing havoc in the British-based Frontier Wrestling Alliance, with one member – Paul Travell – being a particular thorn in the side of Nikita, the only female wrestler on the roster – you know her better as former WWE Diva Katie Lea Burchill or TNA’s current resident weirdo Winter. In October 2002, the pair fought against each other at the original British Uprising show in Bethnal Green, London, with Travell taking the win. The following May, Nikita would team up with “The Showstealer” Alex Shane and Ulf Hermann against Travell’s four other Family members for a handicap brawl at FWA Frontiers Of Honor – a show which teamed up with the still-new Ring Of Honor to boost the profile of both companies.

The match is remembered for Nikita following in the footsteps of Jody Fleisch in throwing herself from the top level of York Hall. Watch it after the “jump”, if you pardon the pun.