One year ago today, Europe received its own all-women wrestling promotion in the guise of Pro Wrestling: EVE. Opening the festivities was a Catch Division contest pitting the Northern Shooters of Jenny Sjodin and April Davids against each other, with the main event of the first DVD taping being a spirited match between Britani Knight and Blue Nikita. It’s quite fitting that participants who book-ended the first show will meet in the first defence of the Pro Wrestling: EVE championship, with the challenger enjoying a useful homefield advantage.

New EVE Champion Knight will make her first defence of the belt against the “Female Fight Machine” Sjodin in Morecambe, England, as part of a new relationship forged between EVE and XWA Wrestling, the biggest wrestling promotion in the north of the country. That match will take place on Saturday, June 4 as part of XWA’s War on the Shore event.

Said EVE promoter Dann Read on the new union between his promotion and the XWA:

I am delighted that Pro Wrestling Eve has joined with XWA Wrestling to bring the biggest, best and most important matchup in European women’s wrestling today to the great fans of Morecambe… Britani has skills and heart beyond her years, having won the title tournament after competing in five matches over two days, and while suffering with glandular fever. But she will be healthy for this title match and will need to be. Jenny is one of the biggest threats Britani could ever encounter, a submission specialist who is well-versed in many different styles of wrestling.

This partnership with XWA comes at a very important time for Pro Wrestling Eve as we prepare to welcome the wrestlers from Ice Ribbon to the UK in October, the first time a Japanese women’s wrestling (Joshi) promotion will ever have visited Great Britain.

I hope Britani Knight v Jenny Sjodin will be the first of many Pro Wrestling Eve matches on XWA Wrestling shows in the future.

You can read the press release in full here.

Knight and Sjodin traded victories against each other on night 1 of the title tournament last month. The 25-year old Swede, who resides not far from Morecambe, made Knight tap out to a cross arm-breaker in the opening round of the tournament, though the 18-year old found her way back into the mix after winning the Last Chance Battle Royal. Britani then defeated Sjodin in the match that immediately followed, pinning her with her Knight Light DDT.

The match falls at an interesting time, considering there is a very real possibility of a title change. While not confirmed, Britani has been rumoured to be heading to WWE in the near future after receiving a second tryout during the promotion’s recent European tour, and would presumably be dropping the FIVE singles titles that she currently holds across Europe before crossing the Atlantic. It could be that one of those title defeats could be on June 4.

On the flip side, there could be a lot of paper-shuffling that needs to take place before Knight heads to the US, if it happens at all. If that is the case, this could be the first in what could be potentially many successful title defences by the daughter of Ricky Knight and Sweet Saraya.

Either way, this contest should be great, if their singles contest in the EVE title tournament is anything to go by. If you live anywhere in the north of England, get to this show. XWA is a fine promotion as it is, and you may get to see Jenny Sjodin make history by knocking Britani Knight off her perch and become the new Pro Wrestling: EVE Champion.

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