It was a case of swapsies for the Divas division at Extreme Rules. Leaving WWE is Michelle McCool, after rumours of her hanging up the boots starting swirling a few days ago, while Kharma has finally arrived, taking out McCool in the process.

And for anyone who’s thinking that she will be back in three weeks or whatever, McCool went on Twitter to give us some “real talk”:

Thx for the love guys….I know there will always be rumors,but that was it – real talk!

We’ll have a biopic of Michelle McCool’s career in tomorrow’s Ringbelles Roundup, but for now, let’s take a look at her final night in WWE and assess what was good, what was bad, and what was downright ugly…

The Good

To skip ahead to the end the real thumbs-up stuff took place after the match was over. McCool was left in the ring, trying to force out some tears, when that maniacal laugh boomed over the speakers and out came the former Amazing Kong. To their credit, WWE haven’t chosen to tinker with her character like they are wont to do with wrestlers who’ve made it big elsewhere and have an established gimmick – apart from some minor alterations to her gear to give it some originality – and it’s the same Kong we’ve seen in TNA, SHIMMER, Japan and everywhere else. That’s good.

McCool sold the music, the entrance and the prospect of a beating like a pro, with fear across her face. Some have said that she should have just been allowed to leave, but that’s not the way wrestlers do things. You put over someone who’s staying, and McCool did that twice – once in the match to Layla, and the other by taking an Implant Buster from Kharma. It’s taken some time, but on her final day with WWE, Michelle McCool finally impressed me by showing some proper emotion.

While the match itself was no classic, it wasn’t an utter shitfest either. Both girls worked hard, made no glaring errors, and came up with some interesting spots. The reversal from a jackknife pin into the Faith Breaker was particularly lovely.

The Bad

The problem is that this crowd didn’t care. Not even slightly. Two years of friendship is blown off with one pay-per-view match which was only made official two days before the show itself. Had it really got to the point with Michelle and Layla that they HAD to have a no count out, no DQ match with the loser leaving WWE? Hardly – they were still buddies a fortnight ago.

But then, the other reason why nobody cared is because we’ve grown so used to LayCool as heels, so for Layla to turn ever so slightly for this match meant nothing, as we’ve had no time to grow a positive emotional attachment to her. It was two girls that we’re supposed to dislike fighting each other. And I say “supposed”, as the LayCool gimmick went stale a long time ago… it’s just that WWE had nothing else in the pipeline for either of them. Or any of the Divas for that matter – though that should change now Kharma is here.

Also, it does render all the Divas stuff at WrestleMania XXVII for naught, as Snooki was a one shot deal, Trish is a novelty act, and LayCool have split up. What a way to put over your women’s division at your biggest show of the year. And before anyone says “yeah, but it was originally meant to be a Loser Leaves SmackDown affair”, that still would mean the breakup of the team. As it stands, a month on from WrestleMania and there is only one woman who competed at the show and is still lacing up the boots today. Maybe Melina had a point.

The Ugly

That shot of the Divas standing at an angle to the TV all trying to act concerned looked so freaking phoney. I’d be expecting them to be shuffling, discussing this new face among each other, or something – but they stood there like it was a funeral, and it felt so silly.

Still, what do you reckon to what happened at Extreme Rules? Will you miss Michelle McCool? What would you like to see happen with Kharma? WIll Layla be a babyface or a hell (please, let her be a heel)? Tell us in the comments section below, or via our Twitter or Facebook.

– Lee Burton