Episode 20: Rebecca Knox on The $&M Show in 2007

The Women of Wrestling Podcast returns to present a special “flashback” episode featuring an interview with Rebecca Knox, originally recorded in September 2007, and after her spectacular return at SHIMMER last month, is now more relevant than it has been in years.

“But wait,” you say… “that’s before the WOW Podcast ever existed!” You are correct. This interview was conducted by Stew and his buddy MOJ as part of The $&M Show – a British Wrestling oriented podcast that used to be hosted on the now defunct www.britwres.com website. Prior to this genuinely World Exclusive interview, Knox, who had been well regarded by many as a wrestling prodigy (competing across the world in Japan, Europe, Canada and the US at the age of 19), had suffered a freak cranial nerve injury in a match in Germany in September 2006 and almost literally disappeared off the face of the Earth. Incommunicado from her friends in the business, promoters and fans alike for almost exactly a year… nobody knew what had become of her until a chance discussion with a mutual friend revealed that Knox was actually alive and well and living back in Dublin. I jumped at the chance to ask for an interview, and she duly agreed to break her silence… and now, available online for the first time in years… the *original* return of the K-Nox.

Although he rarely uses it, you can follow our old buddy (and $&M Show co-host) MOJ on twitter

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