It’s a little sooner than we had expected, but it’s WWE Draft time again – pretty much the only time of the year when the fact that there is separate rosters matters. After all, most of the time, wrestlers are on either show, and it makes a mockery of the whole practice.

But, for the benefit of Monday night, let’s accept that both rosters do their own thing and their paths do not cross, and we will try and do our best to guess what is going to happen (or successfully predict, if the change in Beth Phoenix’s roster affiliation in the address bar on her profile page is anything to go by).

Still, Stew, Jennifer and Lee have picked two Divas who they hope will make the jump – not necessarily predictions, but more reasons why someone deserves a move from the Raw to SmackDown, or vice versa.

Now, bear in mind – none of these choices have been discussed amongst each other. The selections you read below are completely independent, and haven’t been influenced by anybody else’s wants or guesses in any way. So with that said, let’s get to it…


Gail Kim to SmackDown

Well, basically it depends on where Amazing Kong ends up, but my theory is that if Kong and Kim do renew their storied TNA rivalry (as the two playfully hinted at on Twitter this week), SmackDown is likely to be the place where they’ll get more than 90 seconds to do a match. Yes, it’s true that WWE might want to debut Kong on Monday Night Raw, where she may garner some more media attention, but the wrestling fan in me wants to see Kong and Kim in a position where they won’t be having their time slashed due to the live Raw telecast overrunning on time. Besides, Gail Kim is totally lost in the shuffle on Raw – the closest she got to a storyline (where she was revealed to be having an affair with Daniel Bryan) turned out to be a big zero as far as a push was concerned, and she’s once again Raw’s forgotten Diva. A change would do her good.

AJ to either main roster

This is a bit of a cheat pick, as developmental talent (and former NXT Season 3 rookie Diva) AJ is not actually eligible for drafting from FCW, but I’m hoping that whatever Diva moves happen in the draft, one of the eventual results will be this super talented performer make her long awaited main roster debut. History has told us in many cases that each draft usually has a few people who get drafted and then quietly released, so if there are any fresh spots to take in a few weeks, AJ has my vote. I’ve enjoyed her heel turn in FCW quite a lot, and it shows an ability to work either side of the fence, so she’s adaptable and full of potential. We’re ready when you are, WWE!


Natalya to SmackDown

Ever since losing the Divas title, Natalya has been stuck in a rut. Moving her to SmackDown would give her a fresh start. Bring her in as a heel, she’s more suitable to be a cocky heel than lovable babyface. Put her up against Beth Phoenix in a feud to see who’s the more powerful, dominant Diva and you’ve got something for each woman to do as both seem to be floating at the moment.

Kelly Kelly to Raw

This is a woman who has been an outstanding employee. She’s done everything asked of her, she is by far the most popular woman getting consistently great reactions and she’s the company’s top babyface. She has done everything on SmackDown there is to do – feuded with Vickie, been fired/rehired, feuded with LayCool, teamed with Beth, main-evented SmackDown. Before WrestleMania she was red hot. Now? Barely a blip on the monitor. Moving Kelly to RAW makes sense if you think about it. Lets suppose that is the brand Kong will debut on. She mows down every Diva and takes the belt. But one woman she overlooks, saying she isn’t worth Kharma’s time. That woman, Kelly, works her way through the roster to earn a title shot. Kharma beats the shit out of her time and time again but Kelly keeps coming back. The GM finally announces sometime before SummerSlam that Kelly has earned a title bout at the upcoming PPV. They meet in tag bouts but not a one on one match until SummerSlam. Finally at the PPV, you have the ultimate heel in Kharma and the ultimate babyface in Kelly Kelly. Wonder of wonders, Kelly somehow overcomes the odds and pins her clean, becoming Divas Champion for the first time. This would re-ignite Kelly’s career because, as it is, it’s going nowhere on SmackDown.


Layla to Raw

LayCool is done. Well, it was done about 8 months ago, as their entrance music sucked all the life and enthusiasm out of any building. However, WWE persevered with it, but the time has come where Michelle McCool and Layla need to go their separate ways. The problem is that both are better heels than babyfaces, so having them feud would mean one would have to turn, and that’s curtains for that person. Therefore, just separate them. McCool won’t go to Raw as she’ll stay on whatever roster her husband The Undertaker is on, so that means Layla will have to shift.

Melina to SmackDown

Melina is no good. Considering the push she’s had over the years, the number of title runs that she’s been given and the amount of heat that’s reported on a regular basis, she should be more than happy with her lot. The problem is that even after all this time, you can’t rely on her to go onto live TV and not screw something up – that’s why she’s seldom on Raw these days and is doing more stuff on taped show SuperStars. WWE won’t want to keep her on there though, as they’ll want to get something/anything out of her, so the promotion would be better placed to stick her on a programme where they can edit her matches for inevitable botches or blown spots. Plus, this could be her punishment for bitching about Golden Girl Trish Stratus supposedly taking her spot at WrestleMania XXVII.

So what do you think? Do you agree with our picks, or do you have other ideas? Leave your thoughts in the comments, and we’ll all see what happens on Monday.

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