Former SHIMMER and NWA World Women’s Champion MsChif is out of action after injuring her right knee at Saturday night’s AAW show in Berwyn, IL.

Updating us on her Facebook page, The Boss reports:

So… before any rumors start flying and it gets down to the point of my knee literally flying right off…. Ok, just kidding. However, yes, the knee is injured. Don’t know what or how long yet. Going to have to wait until I can talk to the sports med doc.

This is a blow for MsChif – last September, she suffered a torn labrum and torn upper rotator cuff in her shoulder while warming up for the SHIMMER tapings, putting her out of action until the early portion of the 2011.

MsChif celebrates her 10 year anniversary in wrestling in July. Hopefully she’ll be able to celebrate it in the ring.

TShark says:

Sad reminder of how hard these folks work. Often times for little or no pay. It may be a “work”, but it’s one that requires great athleticism, timing and fearlessness. Get better quick.

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Chris C. says:

I was at the show and you could tell something was up. The match ended very abruptly and she was limping. From what I could see, Mena Libra had to help carry her to the back whilst brawling with her. It seemed like two other wrestlers hurt their leg in some form or fashion that night as well; twice I saw a guy either fall clutching at his knee after a spot or trying to hide a limp. It’s the same ring that Shimmer uses, I dunno if the quality of the mat has anything to do with the injuries, but I’d say it’s suspect.