Ringbellesonline is proud to bring you a match that hasn’t seen the light of day for over four years, but after the events of last month’s SHIMMER tapings, is strangely relevant once again.

Nobody would even begin to argue that the debut of The Knight Dynasty (Sweet Saraya & Britani Knight) was one of the major talking points coming out of the tapings at the Eagles Club in Berwyn, with people breathlessly talking about how they’ve never quite seen anything like the Knights before. One person who knew pretty much exactly what to expect was the promotion’s co-founder Allison Danger, who tangled with Sweet Saraya just over four years prior as part of her extended UK tour in early 2007 – and in fact, Danger and Saraya found themselves on opposite sides of a heated tag team match on Volume 40 as Danger and partner Leva Bates took on Saraya and her daughter Britani.

The following match is from Saraya’s home promotion of WAW on March 23rd 2007 and is notable for featuring the traditional British “rounds” style of wrestling. Few promotions still keep the rounds style alive, but WAW are certainly one of those who still keep that tradition strong – having all their titles defended in rounds matches, as well as hosting many challenge matches under those rules. Here, the match is competed across six rounds of three minutes, two falls, two submissions or a knockout to decide the winner. Enjoy!

Great thanks and full credit go to our buddy Rob Brazier of Last Chance Photographs for finding the footage, dusting it off and uploading it.

pat51 says:

Many thanks for this classic. Format reminds me of televised Saturday wrestling of my childhood …but with the excellence of those two . I love Allison D who always takes so much punishment and sells it brilliantly. Two legends of womens wrestling here, awesome