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Ringbelles is live at night two of Pro Wrestling: EVE’s title tournament, and will be bringing you results as they happen. Keep refreshing the page to keep up to date…

April Davids, Jenny Sjodin & Shanna beat Rhia O’Reilly, Erin Angel and Blue Nikita (who was in a tweener role).

Super Janey B beat Pollyanna with a top rope crossbody, then challenged either Carmel Jacob or Sara Marie Taylor for a match later.

Destiny beat Sweet Saraya with an avalanche and big splash.

Sara Marie Taylor & Carmel Jacob beat Kay Lee Ray and Liberty with stereo DDTs.

Semi final: Britani Knight beat Jetta with a Knight Light.

Semi final: Nikki Storm beat Alpha Female with interference from April Davids, Jenny Sjodin, Shanna, Carmel Jacob and Sara Marie Taylor.

Jenny Sjodin & April Davids beat Destiny & Amazon in a tornado tag match. All four carried on brawling afterwards.

Shanna beat Sweet Saraya with a top rope crossbody.

Erin Angel beat Blue Nikita with a moonsault.

Rhia O’Reilly beat Em Jay with a crucifix.

Super Janey B and Alpha Female beat Carmel Jacob and Sara Marie Taylor.

Britani Knight beat Nikki Storm with a Knight Light from the second rope to win the Pro Wrestling EVE Championship.

In quick notes from the show… The first contest was scheduled as a singles match between Blue Nikita & Erin Angel. Before the two could touch, The European Empire, led by Jetta, came out to ringside. Jetta explained that she had hired Blue Nikita yesterday to dispose of the Knights, and that she had failed – and was therefore of no use to the Empire any longer. Rhia O’Reilly then made an appearance, still hot at the Empire’s attack yesterday in Norwich which in her mind cost her a shot at the EVE gold. Jetta ended up explaining that as there were three of them (Angel, Nikita & O’Reilly) and three of her Empire not in tournament action (Shanna, Davids & Sjodin), they should have a trios match. The match was very fun and heated. Miscommunication between Blue Nikita (who displayed little interest in tagging with her “enemies”) and Erin Angel led to the Empire picking up their first victory of the night at Angel’s expense by way of an ankle lock submission… Super Janey B and Pollyanna had a simple and effective singles match. Both have unique characters in the promotion, which will bode well for them both going forward… Destiny and Sweet Saraya have had wars for *years* in WAW, so unsurprisingly this was Destiny’s best outing in an EVE ring yet. She bathed in the jeers of the crowd, and the finish – which was spotlessly clean – shocked everybody… The Glamour Gym were predictably entertaining in their tag match with Liberty and Kay Lee Ray, but massive kudos go to Liberty, who looked the absolute business. She will come out of this weekend with a lot of credit… Britani Knight vs Jetta was based around Jetta trying to turn Britani to join the Empire, but Britani refusing. Jetta worked her typical match with lots of interaction and interplay and minimal bumps. It was nice to see her work. We at Ringbelles have missed her… I think everybody expected heavy Empire interference in Nikki Storm vs Alpha Female (which did happen), but Nikki and Alpha wrestled a match too, and shockingly won by pinfall after additional run-ins from the Glamour Gym. This was Alpha’s first loss in EVE competition… The Northern Shooters of Sjodin & Davids and Team WAW of Destiny & Amazon was a simple continuation of their bad tempered brawl in Episode V… Shanna’s win over Saraya came via cross body on a woman who was still heavily selling rib injuries from her earlier match… Erin Angel vs Blue Nikita was fun, though with that result, it’s difficult to see where Blue Nikita goes from here (if anywhere) as she’s a woman without a gym affiliation and seems neither to be a full babyface nor full heel…. Rhia O’Reilly and Em Jay had a solid outing… The Glamour Gym vs Alpha Female & Super Janey B was a lot of fun, and to a certain extent, Alpha and Janey make very complementary tag team partners, with the tank-like Alpha Female and the sympathetic Janey B… The main event was exactly what it needed to be with the mouthy Storm (accompanied by the equally mouthy Jetta) and the focussed babyface Britani eliciting really strong and visceral reactions from the crowd even after eleven previous matches this evening. When Jetta eventually got physically involved, Sweet Saraya turned up to run off Jetta and leave the match as a one-on-one affair. With the sides evened, Britani scored with a second rope Knight Light for the emotional three count. Knight was joined in the ring by the majority of the locker room, including her mother who wrapped the EVE title belt around Britani’s waist. A fine end to the first phase in EVE’s life (and the end of the Star Wars inspired trilogy). The championship finals was the match of the night, as it should be… Big congratulations to all at Pro Wrestling: EVE and new champion Britani Knight – it was a pleasure to be able to bring the tournament to the world.

Below you’ll find quick chats with Britani Knight, the Glamour Gym and Jetta. Left click to play them in your browser, or right click and hit “Save Target As” to store them to your hard drive.

Britani Knight on her title victory
Sara Marie Taylor and Carmel Jacob of the Glamour Gym talk to Stew, and Jetta speaks on her final FINAL match

Fred says:

What is the Knight Light finisher?

Ringbelles Admin says:

The Knight Light is a package DDT.

Imagine when Sara Del Rey picks up someone for the Royal Butterfly, or when Nikki Roxx picks up someone for a Barbie Crusher/Voodoo Drop… then she drops back into a DDT.