I know, that title sounds pretty implausible, but it really happened.

Think back to 2006, when WrestleMania 22 was main evented by John Cena v Triple H. While that was undoubtedly the marquee match, the secondary pull was the Women’s title affair – almost literally as well as figuratively – between champion Trish Stratus and her “biggest fan” turned stalker turned enemy Mickie James.

James had debuted about 7 months previously, rescuing Trish, hanging around her all the time, pretending to be her, wanting to be her, and also being jealous at how Stratus’ friend Ashley Massaro always seemed to be in the mix. Massaro and James fought at the Royal Rumble, setting the turn, and it was compounded when Mickie made a pass at Stratus which was rejected. The two agreed to give each other some space after teaming at Saturday Night’s Main Event in February 2006, but James gave her own personal farewell to her idol by kicking her in the head.

Then this happened…

Damn, psycho Mickie was awesome. So awesome that when it rolled around to WrestleMania 22 – generally populated by the “smartest” wrestling fans, she was cheered by a large proportion of the crowd… so much so that commentators Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler had to acknowledge it.

So below is probably the biggest drawing – though not necessarily best – Women’s Title match at a WrestleMania. Sorry that the quality is a little rough, but this is a rip of the live version, which leaves in the botched ending, but more importantly, it leaves in the infamous “v-lick”. If you’ve not seen it, enjoy…

Aquila says:

It wasn’t the best match, but I remember watching it live and her doing the ‘v lick’ the crowd popped for that like crazy! Maybe it’s the combination of fans being bored of Trish and an interesting character that turned the fans to Mickie rather than Trish.