The PWWA Last Woman Standing tournament took place on July 3, 2010 in Liverpool, Australia and while there are a few women on this DVD whom will be unfamiliar with, there are a few who you will definitely recognize from SHIMMER.

The first match of this very solid tournament belongs to then PWWA Champion Madison Eagles and Shazza Mckenzie. The match started off with some great mat wrestling. You would think Madison Eagles would easily have the advantage due to her finely tuned wrestling & mixed martial arts background, but Shazza did a great job keeping up with the veteran. Madison seemed to be gaining all the momentum and looked like she was on her way to a somewhat easy exit on to the second round, but that was altered when Shazza countered one of her signature moves into a neck breaker. By this point the tables are completely turned and Madison actually looked like she could be taking a very unexpected early exit. She mounted a comeback, eventually getting Shazza up for the “BRAIN BUSTA!” but it’s countered. Shazza then attempted to deliver a move of her own to Madison, but is hit with “Hell Bound” for the three.

Next up we have the Lady Gaga-lite Harley Wonderland sashaying out to the hit song “Paparazzi” for her match against Savannah Summers. The match started off with Harley bullying Savannah and pushing her to the mat twice during both attempts to lock up. The tide quickly turns when Savannah gives Harley a piece of her own medicine with a couple of nice shoulder blocks. Savannah started to pump up the crowd, but her momentum was temporarily stopped when Harley knocked her down with a drop kick. Savannah eventually found her streak, but got herself in trouble yet again, though as the old saying goes “If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again” and it works for Savannah as she picks up the win with a roll up.

In this next match you might think that one of the X-Men is set to make their wrestling debut, but it’s “The Rate Tank” Kellie Skater (who often loves to brag about being made of adamantium and having super healing powers). After Skater comes out showing off her 10 inch pythons, Miami dances her way to the ring (to a Flo Rida song, no less). The match started with Skater trying to bully Miami and eventually took her down with a shoulder block showing why she’s is a tank. After getting nailed in the face and chopped in the chest, Miami fought back with a shoulder take down of her own while demonstrating that she too could make an argument for being a tank. As she returned to the ring, Skater took complete control, taking Miami down with a series of chops to the chest and kicks to the back. Just as there was no coming back for Miami, she kicked out after taking a powerful DDT from Skater. She began to make her comeback, but only comes up with an “A’ for effort when Skater hits her Skate Or Die for the win.

Jessie McKay then came out to a role that may be unfamiliar to most of us watching at home – a heel! She’s already at a disadvantage facing against a very tall opponent in Sway (Seriously, what the hell is in the Vegemite in Australia?!), and once both the women are in the ring, Jessie taunted Sway before giving her a slap in the face. That pissed Sway off plenty as she immediately went in on Jessie taking her down with a series of forearms, including a modified body slam. Jessie retaliated by keeping her grounded by applying a sleeper and continuously clubbing her in the middle of her back. Jessie shows a rarely seen aggressive side, but hit trouble when she was caught jumping off the top rope & into a spine buster. The match ultimately ends after Jessie McKay rolls up Sway and hangs on to the tights for the victory.

The Second Round started off with Kellie Skater facing Savannah Summers. It seems like the Rate Tank took some supplements since her last match as she was able to over power Savannah quite easily at the start of the match but Savannah took the advantage by face planting her on the mat with a bulldog. After kicking out, Skater regained control by working on the arm of Savannah and sneaking in an arm bar. She fought out of it, but Savannah was forced to tap out when it was applied again.

Jessie was able to defeat her last opponent who had a huge advantage in the height department – serving her well for her semi-final against Madison Eagles, but the 6’1” PWWA Champion strategically attacked her shoulder, making it difficult for Jessie to make any attempt to take over the match. Madison’s top rope effort costed her big time when Jessie was able to drag her all the down to the mat. Jessie tried to tear down Madison by working on her back much like she did to Sway, but she made the mistake of trying to sneak in a submission on Madison, who is fully clued up in mat wrestling, and gets almost gets caught in a trap. Eagles attempted a roaring comeback, but it is put to a halt when she is tripped and lands face first on to the turnbuckle. Jessie met her demise when Madison hit her with a devastating brain buster and moves on to face Kellie Skater in the finals.

Before the Skater v Eagles finals, we are treated to a male contest with Sean O’Shea & JT Robinson against Robbie Eagles & Jorge in a fun match.

It seems like the Rate Tank was the one who had just finished wrestling as she’s quickly pushed into the corner by Madison Eagles and is on the receiving end of multiple chops. Skater does what any smart heel would do and rolls out of the ring just after she was barely able to kick out of a submission that was countered into a belly to back suplex. Madison would follow up by chasing Skater, but she quickly gets back out and escapes again. Is this wrestling or cat and mouse? Well, it doesn’t seem to be wrestling, either, because Skater goes underneath the ring, bringing out a steel chair, and smashed Madison in the head as she tried to grab Skater by the hair. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a street fight.

Skater continued to add more credentials to her hardcore resume when she took the veteran towards the merchandise table. Before you could guess what Skater was planning to do, Madison shoved her into the concession area and went to work, though Tank responded by cracking open a beverage, and smacking the can upside Madison’s head. Skater then leapt off the counter, nailing Madison with the a cross body and staying on her for a near fall. Both of the women get up, but Skater goes back down after Madison was able to power bomb her through the table.

As if she’s a killer in a movie getting ready to dispose of a body, Madison drags Skater’s carcass to the ring. Skater used a small tin lid to smack Madison in the skull twice, sending her tumbling back down to the mat. Skater tries to cash in with the pin, but Madison is able to miraculously kick out at two. Madison fought back to her feet to take Kellie down with a brain buster then rolled to the outside as it is now her turn to grab her weapon of choice bringing out a white sack and rolling back into the ring. While she is showing the bag off to the crowd, Skater tried to capitalize on a sneak attack only to be smacked in the head by Madison with the bag. Finally, Skater is down long enough so that Madison is able to spill thumbtacks onto the mat. As she took to the top rope, Jessie McKay showed up at ring side with a chair, but was disarmed by Eagles. As Savannah took the chair from Madison, Summers hits her on the back with it, and sends her flipping back first into the thumbtacks. A now standing Skater got on top of Madison for the pin and is declared the winner of the Last Woman Standing tournament.

Overall, this was a very, very solid tournament. I didn’t find a match that was skippable. The opening match is a really good and is able to draw fans, especially new fans who aren’t familiar with the PWWA roster, into the tournament. This was the first time I was able to see Jessie McKay’s work as a heel and she is just as good as a heel as she is a baby face. What I found even more impressive about her is that despite the fact that she wrestled women who are twice her size (in height) she was able to hang with them strike for strike and was able to convince that she had just as good of a chance at beating them as they did beating her. The match that I enjoyed the most was main event. Not only did we get to see some mat wrestling, but there was a lot of brawling. All the weapons being brought in and all the fighting on the outside of the ring was a nice change of pace and was different from what we seen from the rest of the tournament.

P.S. There’s a nice little bonus match on the DVD featuring Madison Eagles and Jessie McKay in a PWWA title match – and watch it first, as it takes place before the tournament.

– Shanti

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