Pro-Wrestling SUN promoter Allison Danger has just passed through the following press release:

The debut of Pro-Wrestling SUN in Jackson, NJ was a great success! Thank you to those who were able to make the trip out there to share in the our day. Here is the fallout from SUNrise:

Mercedes Martinez (WSU) and Kellie Skater (PWWA) opened the show with a fantastic match that saw gratuitous amounts of shenanigans from the Aussie, yet they were no match for Latina Sensation. Skater fell to the Fisherman Buster from the reigning WSU Champion.

Immediately following this bout, The undisputed “Queen of Wrestling” Sara Del Rey hit the ring to run down the match that she was originally scheduled to be a part of. She then turned her thoughts to Madison Eagles, who due to an emergency, had to pull off the show earlier in the day. Del Rey felt slighted that SHIMMER champion Eagles was getting main event status and a chance for a future title against SUN Champion Allison Danger. SDR insinuated herself into the main event and challenged Danger for the title later on the show.

Mia Svensson (RWC), the up and coming young wrestler from Sweden was next up to face Mia Yim (JAPW), one of the fastest rising female wrestlers today. Both women have been in a war of words across Twitter and other networking sites due to a previous confrontation stemming from the September 2010 SHIMMER tapings. Svensson had pulled out a win then but not without sustaining a cracked rib that kept her out of the ring for several weeks. The two Mias have both stated they each one plans on being the true breakout star of the Queens of Promise roster and the first to be elevated to the Senpai Roster. Unfortunately for Yim, she ended up being DQ’ed as Svensson seemingly introduced a wrench into the match and ultimately faked hitting herself with it. The referee did not see this happen and was left with no choice but to DQ Yim for the use of a foreign object. A furious Yim took to the mic and called out the Swede and said since she was from the streets that the next time they meet it will be in a Street Fight!

The Semi Main Event of the day was the World-1 Tag Titles match. The current champions Harajuku Musume, Roxie Cotton and Sumie Sakai, faced two former friends of Cotton’s in Annie Social (JAPW) and Marti Belle (Freelance). The SUN office is still in the dark so to speak about what has been the catalyst to Social and Belle’s new found hatred for Cotton but fortunately for Harajuku Musume their friendship and teamwork helped them retain the titles.

In the Main Event of the show, “Queen of Wrestling” Sara Del Rey successfully took down former tag partner Allison Danger to become the NEW SUN Champion! After tying up and putting on a technical show things broke down and both women were pulling out everything they could do to top the other. Del Rey was able to block Danger’s STO only to nearly succumb to it moments later. After a flying knee off the apron to the outside, it looked like Danger would be keeping her belt but Del Rey was able to kick out at the last moment. Upon attempting the flying knee off the second rope, Danger was met with a big boot to the face which rendered her incapable of fighting off the ensuing Cabo Kick and Stunner that sealed the win and new title for the Queen of Wrestling. When asked backstage about her loss, Danger was too heartbroken and unable to speak in what is to be believed to be guilt for letting down the great fans of SUN and World-1.

The next date for SUN will be announced in the coming weeks. We are currently in negotiations with new talent and new promotions. Two fresh talents are being added to the Queens of Promise roster, one of which we are pleased to announce today. MISTRESS BELMONT (NCW-FF) has been added to the SUN roster and we look forward to having her on a future show.

Lastly, best wishes go out to Madison Eagles from the entire SUN office.