Episode 19 with Saraya & Britani Knight

The Women of Wrestling Podcast returns with what could be the greatest interview we’ve ever done as we chat exclusively to British wrestling legend Sweet Saraya and her daughter Britani Knight on the eve of their US debut for SHIMMER this weekend. We had limited time with Britani to ask her about what it was like growing up in a wrestling family, and a discussion of the major points of her career to date, including whether women need to work harder than the guys to get the same amount of respect. Britani then passed the phone to her mother, Saraya, for one of the most incredible hours of audio you’ll ever hear. Saraya’s wrestling “war stories” are amazing, including how she was nearly beaten to death in a riot, the full story of having her kneecap ripped off during a match, and – incredibly – the story of her being blinded for six and a half weeks following a kick to the eye in the mid 90s. That’s not all. There’s a ton of advice here for any aspiring wrestlers and great reminiscences about some of the people that have come and gone in her two decade career. To say we’re proud of this one would be an understatement. If you’ve never met or seen Saraya before, you’re in for a treat.

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These girls kick ass! They’re hot, too.

shonshu says:

Some great stories there. Wow Saraya is a very brave!

Scott says:

I LOVED this interview. Saraya has some incredible stories. I cannot wait to see her at Shimmer this weekend.