Just drink in that graphic for a moment. Let it seep into your consciousness, ferment there for a while and… react – with amusement, anger and disappointment, most likely.

No, you’re not seeing things – Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is slated to be part of a six-person mixed tag team match at WrestleMania. The 23-year old Jersey Shore star got involved in the Trish Stratus v Vickie Guerrero match on Raw last night – which Vickie won with help from LayCool – after she and WWE’s resident cougar got into a confrontation earlier on in the show.

Following the contest, Guerrero issued a challenge for Trish, Snooki and John Morrison vs. LayCool and Dolph Ziggler for WrestleMania XXVII on April 3 in Atlanta.

Now, we at Ringbelles can see what WWE is doing – Jersey Shore is the biggest TV show among young people at the moment, and Snooki is the show’s biggest character. Hell, even I watched a couple of episodes, and she’s pretty amusing. As an aside, it shows up TNA for being second best, as they pulled in J-Woww and Angelina Pivarnick, who played second fiddle to Snooki’s popularity.

However, putting Snooki in the ring? At WrestleMania? And making us pay for it? Pass. For starters, the rumours circulating for the last few weeks had been that Kelly Kelly would partner Trish and Morrison in the match – which would make sense, as she is involved with all three of the opposing team – so she will apparently miss a WrestleMania payoff for a woman who will do precious little in the match. Meanwhile, let’s consider how many Jersey Shore fans are going to buy WrestleMania to see her not wrestle in a match – as she should realistically run from all these trained wrestlers, and if she does fire up and go batshit crazy, what does that say about LayCool? – and whether the expense to bring her in will be worth it. It may be, but why not go with what’s logical, rather than what TMZ will cream over?

– Lee Burton

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