Women Superstars Uncensored had promised much ahead of its Four Year Anniversary show. Jessicka Havok had promised to go through Rain’s Army to reach and defeat the leader herself; Sassy Stephie had made her intentions clear that she wanted the Spirit Championship and would do whatever it took to get it; Serena Deeb vowed to end the 2 year WSU World Title reign of Mercedes Martinez; and Alicia assured us she would cash in her title shot contract during the show and become a champion again. So who would succeed in their goals, and who (if anyone) would fall short? Let’s find out…

Leva Bates made her WSU debut against the ultra-impressive Athena in the opening contest of the evening. Dressed in her Iron Man outfit, Bates made a smart move – as it’s going to generate a reaction from the crowd immediately. The contest began with some neat mat wrestling before Athena took control by countering a crucifix attempt into an overhead throw – much like Wade Barratt’s Wasteland move, for all you men’s wrestling fans out there – punishing Bates with wear-down moves like chinlocks and headlocks, with the occasional flashy move like a sweet front-flip forearm into the corner.

Bates retaliated with a tilt-a-whirl reverse DDT before nailing a facebuster to sent Athena to the outside. The “Wrestling Goddess” retaliated with a cheap shot before coming off the top with a tornado-Stunner for the win in a tidy opener.

Following a Nikki Roxx victory over Niya in a sloppy match, a pretty by-the-numbers grudge match win by Jamilia Craft over Jennifer Cruz and a strong heel promo by Serena, we started getting into the meat and potatoes of the show with WSU Icon Alicia taking on Hall Of Famer Jazz.

The former WWE Women’s Champion took the role of the aggressor in the match, dropping Alicia throat-first onto the ropes before unleashing the heavy hits like Yakuza kicks and legdrops, focussing her assault on the head and neck area of her opponent – which was a welcome moment, as few wrestlers isolate body parts anymore. Alicia fought back with a sleeperhold, and followed it up with her own Yakuza kick for a three-count seemingly out of nowhere.

Following the contest, Jazz put Alicia over on the mic before renouncing her heelish ways by thanking the fans for their support. This would come in useful later. Before leaving, Alicia reminded us about her title shot contract, and let us know that she would see us in due course.

Before the next match, we were whisked backstage for a conference between the Cosmo Club members of Brittney Savage, Rick Cataldo, Amy Lee and Cindy Rogers. Savage made it clear that she was frustrated and annoyed that she felt like her Spirit Title was in jeopardy against Sassy Stephie later on, and threatened Lee and Rogers that they had better get the job done in the three way Tag Team Title match. What resulted was everyone getting annoyed with Brittney’s orders, moaning and complaining, leaving her alone with her thoughts.

Despite the long layoff, the former Krissy Vaine still carries herself like a star. Now renamed Kristin Astara, she outshone her opponent Allysin Kay in the first-impressions stakes, but was battered early on with a big clothesline, running senton and samoan drop, though rallied back when Kay missed an elbow and a desperation legdrop. A uranage slam later, and Astara maintained her winning streak in WSU, though the match itself never really went into overdrive.

At the Final Chapter in February, Amber and Lexxus of the Boston Shore challenged 2011 WSU Hall Of Famer April Hunter and Traci Brooks for a match on March 5. However, it was revealed well ahead of time that Brooks wasn’t going to be part of the show, leaving a question mark over who would partner Hunter. As it turns out, it was someone who she knew very well.

Nikki Roxx made her second appearance of the night – in her older gear, which was a nice throwback – to reform the Killer Babes – named as such because both were trained by WWE Hall Of Famer Walter “Killer” Kowalski. The confusion arose because earlier in the night Nikki was working heel against Niya, and was now a babyface here. That aside, this match was a fine example of putting over younger talent to give them the superstar rub, as the Shore got the win in a match which unfortunately wasn’t the smash match that would have been the icing on the cake considering the result. Lexxus and Amber worked well as the smaller, chicken-shit heels, though an age of stalling really took the spark out of the match, and only really came back when April got the hot tag. Hunter was throwing girls around until she was shocked by a sneaky roll-up with a handful of tights for the three.

WSU original Barbie made her return to the promotion to take on a debuting Kellie Skater – who had averted a wardrobe crisis due to her gear not being there by borrowing one of Rain’s outfits. Barbie took the advantage with a couple of hairmares and some ground and pound action, but the Rate Tank replied with heavy forearms and chops. A Skater failure at a Northern Lights suplex was solved with a quick shot of protein shake (aka Roo Roids), and was followed up with a Skate Or Die to take the victory.

At this point, we move forward to the headline matches of the card, starting with Jessicka Havok looking to complete her collection of scalps from Rain’s Army by taking on The Radiant One herself. Havok jumped Rain at the start, but she fought back with a running Ace Crusher. A super-intense Jessicka then regained the advantage with some classic heel moves like chokes and stretches, but came unstuck when her shoulder collided with the ringpost during a shoulder charge attempt. Rain cam back with a trifecta of dropkicks and a facebuster but couldn’t connect with an implant DDT when Havok held the ropes. One Air Raid Crash later, and Havok had the win – which was put over heavy by the commentators, saying it surely positioned her as a title contender in the future.

The WSU Tag Team Titles were on the line in the next match in a three way, Uncensored Rules, Fans Bring The Weapons match – though the titles were technically vacant after Tina San Antonio suffered an ankle injury, which was played into the storyline when she was “attacked” by persons unknown during a check-up. Therefore, Marti Belle had to find a new partner to join her against Team TCB of Lee and Rogers, as well as Jana and Latasha of the Soul Sistas. The help came in the form of Jazz, who said that it was “all about the gold”.

Other reports had this match down as a great six woman brawl and a fun hardcore match – however, I hated it with a passion. I found it to be plodding, monotonous, lacking of flow, story or actual wrestling and in general, an utter mess. The only wrestling came at the end when Jazz pinned Rogers with a Michinoku Driver to claim the vacant championship and putting Belle in a future quandary when her regular partner Tina returns from her injury.

As per the stipulations agreed ahead of the match, Sassy Stephie’s challenge of Brittney Savage’s Spirit Championship would be one-on-one – no Cosmo Club at ringside, meaning the winner would be the better wrestler, and not the sneakiest. Nevertheless, it didn’t stop Savage trying to bend the rules slightly by trying to have Cataldo – clad in a rainbow dress and a pair of thigh-high heeled boots – out there with her, though he was sent backing by the referee before the start of the contest.

Stephie started with a flurry, scoring a few near-falls, but came a cropper when Savage caught her opponent’s boot and tripped her to the mat, then attempting to get the submission with a Stump Puller and a Boston Crab. Stephie launched a valiant comeback with a hair throws, but wiped out the referee with a top-rope crossbody after Savage pulled the official into the way and then ate a Brittney Ace Crusher.

Cataldo then returned to ringside with a chair to try and waffle Stephie with it, but was sent packing by 2011 Hall Of Fame inductee Ivory, leaving it as one-on-one again. Stephie capitalised with a Kiss My Sass to get the win and the Spirit Championship, and was put over by Ivory on the mic after the match. This was a massive rub for Stephie, and sets her up as a worthy titleholder. As the new champion left, Savage berated Cataldo and dissolved the Cosmo Club, leaving on her own.

The heat for the main event was huge, and rightly so – Serena Deeb had manipulated her way into a WSU World Title shot by cutting Mercedes Martinez’ hair last year, and was described as being one the biggest threats to the champion’s two year run as the top woman in the promotion.

Make no mistake, Mercedes is the greatest champion in wrestling today – not just in women’s wrestling, or in North America, or even in this hemisphere. Her match against Serena was her 36th defence, and had seen her take part in varied outings like Bullrope matches, ladder matches, Iron Woman Matches and more. She has earned her status as the best titleholder in the world, and fully deserves the moniker.

Martinez went for Serena early, attacking her with punches and chops, but was cut off by Deeb, who went to work with cheap heel tactics – like with the other occasions during this show when cheap tactics were used, this is not a bad thing, as heels shouldn’t be flashy or dynamic… that’s the babyface’s job. Serena missed an early spear though, and suffered a cannonball a bushelful of chops , and a heavy beatdown in a tree of woe as a result. Deeb managed to regain the advantage with a big lariat to the back of the neck, but came unstuck when trying a rolling samoan drop from the second rope, eating a top rope bulldog in the process.

The flurry didn’t last long as Serena hit her trademark spear, but could only manage a near-fall when Martinez grabbed the ropes to break the count. Frustrated, Serena went outside to grab the scissors to go all Nicky Clarke on Martinez, but the Champion fought free and hit her Fisherman Buster to score the pinfall.

But it wasn’t over for Mercedes, as Alicia came out clutching her contract with a referee in tow, announcing that she was issuing a challenge for the World Title right there and then.

Knowing she was at a disadvantage after her gruelling defence against Serena, Martinez came out swinging, though Alicia got ahead with a DDT, but could only manage a two-count with her trademark A-Bomb. Having nailed the move for a second time, the lights went out before she could make another cover. The illumination was restored with Alicia confused, and Jessicka Havok clutching the WSU World Title belt, only to waffle the challenger with it and have the match thrown out. Havok then made her next goal very clear: to destroy the WSU Icon Alicia, and then come after Mercedes Martinez and the WSU World Title.

Overall, the show delivered – while not as strong as The Final Chapter, the Four Year Anniversary provided enough great wrestling and talking points to make it well worth $15 of your money. Sure, the Tag Team Title match won’t be to everyone’s tastes, and it could be argued that there were a couple too many matches on the show, but the undercard matches were kept short so the big matches could have more time.

Jessicka Havok, Rain, Mercedes Martinez, Serena Deeb, Athena and Brittany Savage all came good, though though the big star of the night was Sassy Stephie – who won the Spirit Title, took down the Cosmo Club and was given the massive seal of approval by Ivory all in one fell swoop. The iPPV is available from GFL on replay, so throw down your money and check it out.

– Lee Burton

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