The Big Five

Manami Toyota, lauded as being one of, if not THE best women’s wrestler to have ever lived, is slated to participate in what’s described as the biggest tournament in pro-wrestling – CHIKARA’s King Of Trios.

Toyota made her debut for the promotion on September 18 last year in Baltimore, Maryland, where she defeated Daizee Haze in her first match on American soil. The following day in Brooklyn, New York, Toyota and Mike Quackenbush defeated the Bruderschaft des Kreuzes (Claudio Castagnoli and Sara Del Rey) in a tag team match.

Manami – who will be 40 when the event takes place – will team with current Campeones de Parejas (Tag Team Champions) Mike Quackenbush and Jigsaw in the 16 team, three night tournament. Other teams announced for King Of Trios include F.I.S.T., the Colony, the Throwbacks and the Osirian Portal.

King Of Trios takes place at the Asylum Arena in Philadelphia, PA on the weekend of April 15-17.


TNA referee Brian Hebner says it would be good to have female referees for Knockout matches. During his interview with The Sun newspaper in the UK, Hebner said: “I think a woman can referee, but I think there should be a division if they want to do it. They should do the Knockout matches and things of that nature. It would be really neat. I think TNA tried it with Traci Brooks, but being a worker and being a referee are two different things. They’re totally different. I’ve done both. Believe me, they are two different worlds. But I think it could work in the Knockouts Division, and I’d like to see it for sure.”

There are some female referees out there – Laura Mattano refs for SHIMMER as well as wrestles elsewhere as Mia Martinez, and Carley Rae puts on the stripes for a number of different promotions. Rae in particular would be a fine addition to TNA, as she has no ambitions to wrestle, and is more than happy refereeing. However, should they want a Shane Sewell-esque storyline where a ref puts on the boots to wrestle, Mattano may be a better fit. Either way, if TNA wanted a female ref, there are some out there.


More names have been announced for Pro Wrestling: EVE’s championship tournament weekend on April 8-9. The Alpha Female, Carmel Jacob, Sara-Marie Taylor, Super Janey B & ‘The Female Fight Machine’ Jenny Sjodin have all been entered into the tournament, as has 17-year old Liberty. Perhaps the most intriguing entrant is Melodi – former tag team partner of Britani Knight – who has made it clear that she wants no affiliation with thr WAW Gym that Britani and her mother Sweet Saraya represent. Melodi and Britani will meet in the first round of the tournament in Norwich on April 8.

However, Jetta won’t be there to see it. The General of the European Empire faction – consisting of April Davids, Jenny Sjodin, Nikki Storm and Shanna – has decided to take advantage of the fact that she has a bye to the semi-finals and not attend the show, choosing to get in more training ahead of her April 9 appearance in Sudbury.


Some weekend for women’s lib. Nikki Roxx, Sumie Sakai and Roxie Cotton all won championships which are usually contested for by men.

Roxx claimed the unrecognised Intergender Championship as part of Chaotic Wrestling’s Cold Fury X show last Friday night in a handicap match which featured her teaming with Mercedes KV and Mistress Belmont against Danny E, who was channeling all the sexist heat he could from Andy Kaufman. Meanwhile on Sunday at World-1 WrestleBowl, Cotton and Sakai (known as Harajuku Masume) teamed up to claim the W-1 Tag Team Championships in a three way dance which also featured the teams of Kid America & Bobby Shields and Shane Hagadorn & Marcus Dillinger. Cotton and Sakai formed their team after wrestling each other at The Conclusion on December 5, 2010, and this was their first time teaming up. The great thing about that match was that Harajuku Masume wasn’t treated as a female team – in fact, in all of the build up, there was no big deal about the face that they were women. As we’ve been pointing out for some time now – regardless of gender, talent is talent.


In his most recent Q&A piece on his website, Lance Storm responded when asked about whether women’s wrestling could make it onto a major network: “I don’t know if a Women’s only company could make it big, but I think good women’s wrestling should be a much bigger part of both TNA and WWE. TNA’s Knockout Division at one point was awesome (pun intended). When Gail Kim and Awesome Kong were both there it was often the best part of the show. During the Trish, Victoria , Molly Holly, Jazz, etc, era in WWE it too was great.”

Storm has a point that women’s wrestling has a place on the main promotions’ shows, but given the right backing, advertising and support, a women’s wrestling show could have a place. Wrestlicious may have helped or hindered the cause, depending on what you thought of the programme.


The best of the rest

Eve Torres and Alicia Fox were part of the press conference that officially announced that WrestleMania XXVIII at the Sun Life Stadium in Miami, FL… Former WCW Women’s Cruiserweight Champion (yes, that belt existed) Toshie Uematsu will make her CHIKARA debut on March 12, taking on Madison Eagles… Vickie and Eddie Guerrero’s daughter Shaul wrestled her first ever match in Gainsville, FL for FCW. Vickie was there to watch… Gladiators Of Hell – the film that Annie Social filmed in Italy last year – has had a name change for its international release, scheduled for later this month. It will now be called Kingdom of Gladiators… Former WWE Diva, current actress, singer, and perfume designer Maria Kanellis has hit out at critics who claimed she had no passion for wrestling, saying when she left WWE she was “confused and jaded”, but if she returned, it would “be for the right reasons”… Tara turned 40 on Thursday. She still looks great… Sarita and Rosita are meant to be arguing cousins like Crash and Hardcore Holly were back in 1999. Why can’t TNA just let them wrestle?… Leva Bates has been added to the lineup for the WSU 4th Anniversary iPPV on March 5 – she’ll take on Athena… Speaking of Athena, you can add her, Rachel Summerlyn and Jessica James to the SHIMMER lineup for March 26-27… Get well soon to WSU’s Monique, who needed 15 stitches after putting her hand through some glass. She’s still struggling to get feeling back in her fingers… Isis The Amazon (who was with WWE for a week and was announced as a participant in NXT season 3 before being cut) received a tryout with TNA. Footage of a fly-on-the-wall documentary on her life by MTV also made its way into the Internet… Congratulations to former WWE Women’s Champion Candice Michelle, who has announced she’s pregnant with her second child… Madison Eagles is dealing with a case of Costochondritis, which is an inflammation of the cartilage which connects the ribs to the sternum… Traci Brooks returns to TNA this Thursday by the side of her husband Kazarian.


TNA Impact (10/02) – Rosita, Sarita, Madison Rayne and Tara b. Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, Mickie James and Winter when Rosita pinned Sky.

WWE SmackDown (11/02) – Eve Torres b. Layla. Michelle McCool and Layla argued afterwards.

AAW (11/02, Merrionette Park, IL) – MsChif, Marian Fontaine & Krotch b. Dustin Diamond, Jordan McEntyre & Knight Wagner.

Chaotic Wrestling (11/02, Lowell, MA) – Nikki Roxx won the Intergender Title in a match also involving Mistress Belmont, Mercedes KV and Danny E.

Viva La Lucha (11/02) – Jackie Haas & NY Knockout Nikki b. Christina Von Eerie & Jennifer Blake

OZ Academy (11/02, Tokyo, Japan) – Dynamite Kansai, Ayumi Kurihara & Nao Komatsu b. Mayumi Ozaki, Yumi Ohka & Hiren; AKINO b. Ryo Mizunami; Tomoka Nakagawa vs. Hiroyo Matsumoto went to a 20 minute time limit draw; Aja Kong & Ran Yu-Yu b. KAORU & Takako Inoue; Tag Team Champions Chikayo Nagashima & Sonoko Kato beat Manami Toyota & Carlos Amano.

K-Ribbon (11/02 – ICE Ribbon school) – Hikaru Shida & Tsukasa Fujimoto b. Bambi & Aoi Ishibashi; Taishi Takizawa b. Hikari Minami, Tsukushi & Kurumi in a handicap match;Kaji Tomato & Riho b. Saburo Inematsu & Miyako Matsumoto; Marines Mask 2 b. Sayaka Obihiro 4-3 in a Baseball Match; Kengo Mashimo & Chii Tomiya b. Emi Sakura & Ryuichi Sekine.

TNA Against All Odds (13/02) – Madison Rayne b. Mickie James

World-1 (13/02, Jackson, NJ) – Sumie Sakai & Roxie Cotton b. Kid America & Bobby Shields and Shane Hagadorn & Marcus Dillinger to win the W-1 tag team titles.

WWE Raw (14/02) – Eve Torres b. Natalya


February 18: 2CW (Binghamton, NY) – Madison Eagles v Portia Perez

February 19: MCW (Melbourne, Australia) – Kellie Skater v Shazza McKenzie

February 19: POWW (Willowbrook, IL) – Nikki & Melissa Coates v Melanie Cruise & Taylor Made

February 20: WAW (North Walsham, UK) – Rumble match featuring Britani Knight, Sweet Saraya, Amazon, Destiny, Liberty, Emma Ford, Melodi

February 20: CHIKARA (Easton, PA) – Madison Eagles v Sara Del Rey

February 26: CLASH Wrestling (Taylor, MI) Sassy Stephie v Arella Angel plus Mena Libra in action

Feb 26: POWW (Elk Grove Village, IL) – Melanie Cruise v Nikki

March 5: WSU (Union City, NJ) – iPPV with WSU Champion Mercedes Martinez v Serena Deeb; Spirit Champion Brittney Savage v Sassy Stephie; Uncensored Rules – Tag Team Champions Belle Saints vs Amy Lee/Cindy Rogers vs Soul Sisters; Alicia vs Jazz; Jessicka Havok vs Rain; April Hunter & ??? vs The Boston Shore; Jennifer Cruz vs Jamilia Craft; Nikki Roxx vs Niya; Kristin Astara vs Allisyn Kay; ??? vs Brittney Force; Leva Bates v Athena

March 12: ACW (St Louis, MO) – Rachel and Jessica’s Excellent Tag Team v MsChif and Daizee Haze v Portia Perez and Electro

March 12: NCW: Femmes Fatales (Montreal, Quebec) – LuFisto defends the NCF:FF title against Ayako Hamada; Cat Power v PJ Tyler in a Streetfight; and Allison Danger v Anastacia Ivy; Kellie Skater Vs. Sweet Cherrie; Anna Minoushka Vs. Mistress Belmont; Kalamity Vs. Mercedes Martinez

March 12: CHIKARA (Williamsport, PA) Madison Eagles v Toshie Uematsu

March 19: POWW (Fox Lake, IL) – Melanie Cruise v Serena Deeb

March 19: CWF/ArenaChicks (Burlington, NC) – Kellie Skater v Mia Svensson

March 20: Pro Wrestling SUN (Jackson, NJ) – Allison Danger v Madison Eagles; Mia Svensson v Mia Yim; Sara Del Rey v Mercedes Martinez v Kellie Skater

March 26-27: SHIMMER: Women Athletes (Berwyn, IL) – 4 DVD tapings featuring SHIMMER Champion Madison Eagles, Tag Team Champions the Canadian Ninjas, Serena Deeb, Daizee Haze, Sara Del Rey, Cheerleader Melissa, Hiroyo Matsumoto, Misaki Ohata, Britani Knight and Sweet Saraya

April 8-9: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Norwich, UK (April 8) and Sudbury UK (April 9)) – A two night tournament to determine the first ever PW:EVE Champion featuring Alpha Female, Britani Knight, Sweet Saraya, Jetta (April 9 only) and the debuting Kay Lee Ray

April 15-17: CHIKARA King Of Trios (Philadelphia, PA) – featuring Manami Toyota

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