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LuFisto’s tour of Japan and match against Ken Ohka for Union Pro Wrestling on February 3 never took place. Instead, our choice for Woman of the Year 2010 was sent straight back to Montreal after being denied entry to Japan by customs officials.

Details made their way online thanks to a friend of hers relaying the story to the Wrestling Observer, but at the end of last week, we were given a first person account of what happened from the Super Hardcore Anime herself.

She points out that she was told by Union that she didn’t need a working visa so flew out on that advice, only to be stopped by Immigration, who were apparently waiting for her with a dossier about her. Without the correct documents, she wasn’t allowed into the country and was sent back home.

Since then, Union have contacted her to apologise for the confusion.

It’s not all bad news for the NCW: Femmes Fatales International Champion though: she’s been voted the #1 woman indy wrestler in Quebec for the 8th time in 9 years, and #3 in the top 50 indy wrestlers, regardless of gender – her highest position ever.


Tamina v Melina on last week’s WWE Superstars was described by those who were in attendance as being utterly awful, Melina was cheered even though she was a heel, and Tamina looked pea green. Two of those were right on the money – which the match wasn’t the worst thing ever (though that could be down to WWE’s reknowned great editing and a lot of audible sound sweetening), it was bloody poor, had numerous blown spots (the slingshot into the corner by Tamina on Melina was laughable), was far too long for Tamina’s skill level and Melina did nothing to help her out.

A poor match involving a rookie like Tamina – who has only been wrestling for around a year – and a veteran like Melina – who’s been wrestling on and off for 9 years and has been a full time grappler for the last 5 – will inevitably see fingers pointed at the veteran for not being able to carry their opponent. If this was a test to see if Melina can work heel effectively against a weaker talent, she failed.

One criticism of Melina’s work in the past – including from former WWE employee Maria Kanellis – is that Melina would rather get her moves in than have them make sense. This match (or her entrance in this case) lends some credence to that, as even though she’s taken some of her awkward offence out of her arsenal now that she’s a heel, she still does the splits when she enters the ring, which pops the crowd. It’s the Diva equivalent of shouting “I’ve got two words for ya” on the microphone – face or heel, you know what response is coming.


On a more positive note for WWE Divas, Kelly Kelly had a career night on SmackDown last Friday. Not only did she show fire and spirit like we’ve never seen before during the opening segment promo with Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler, she also wrestled the bulk of the main event 3 on 2 handicap match with her and Edge defending the latter’s World Heavyweight Title against Ziggler and LayCool, but she also got the pin on Layla, ostensibly successfully defending the World Heavyweight crown.

True, she’s not the most polished wrestler in the world. True, it’s taken a long time to get to the point that she’s not just secondary fluff to the main feuds. And true, it’s just one show – but SmackDown showed that given the time, build-up and motivation, Kelly is someone who WWE could bank on to be involved further up the card in the future. It seems like she’s really starting to get “it”.


It’s looking a little clearer as to how Amazing Kong will debut in WWE, and it should lead to some great matches. And the reason we know they will be great matches is because we’ve seen them before – but in this case, that’s not a bad thing.

What is looking more and more likely is that Kong will be brought in as the hired muscle for the Bella Twins for them to get revenge on Gail Kim for ‘stealing’ their potential boyfriend, Daniel Bryan. Now while this doesn’t help the US Champion in any way, and probably won’t be that much for a benefit for the Bella Twins either – we get the prospect of seeing Gail Kim v Amazing Kong in WWE. If it’s even half as good as some of the matches they had in TNA, it will be a kabillion times better than the usual Divas fare we get from week to week.


SHIMMER’s tag team division’s swelling ahead of the DVD tapings of volumes 37-40 on the weekend of March 26-27 in Berwyn, IL. We mentioned the upcoming arrival of the mother and daughter combination of Britani Knight and Sweet Saraya who are reportedly gunning for the Canadian Ninjas’ Tag Team Championships, as well as 3S teammates Hiroyo Matsumoto and Misaki Ohata officially uniting in SHIMMER, but the latest announcement by the promotion makes things just that little bit more interesting.

Nikki Roxx and Ariel are in for March 26-27, so their tag team of Pretty Bitchin’ are joining the hunt for the gold, as is Allison Danger, who has an as-yet unnamed tag team partner ready to go too. Add Rachel and Jessica’s Excellent Tag Team to the mix, and you’re looking at the most tag team heavy tapings since the Tag Team Championship Gauntlet weekend of volumes 21 and 22, where Ashley Lane and Nevaeh won the belts in SHIMMER’s longest match to date.

General admission tickets are still for sale. Come – if only for the magic of the afterparty.


The best of the rest

New TNA signing Divina Fly’s been repackaged as Rosita, the cousin of Sarita. She’ll make her debut on Thursday… Former SHIMMER talent Rayna Von Tosh is now part of a trio called American Bombshells, who perform for US troops. She’s also rumoured to be getting a TNA tryout… Former WWE Intercontinental and Women’s Champion Joanie “Chyna” Laurer is training to become an English teacher in Japan… If you’ve not seen it yet, check out Sara Del Rey on Video Des Kreuzes every Wednesday on the CHIKARAoffice YouTube channel… Congratulations to Britani Knight, who won the GSW women’s title from Blue Nikita during her most recent trip to Germany… Ayumi Kurihara and Tomoka Nakagawa have been added to the SHIMMER lineup for March 26-27… Matt Hardy has reportedly been pushing TNA to sign Amy “Lita” Dumas… Mickie James will challenge Madison Rayne for the TNA Knockouts Title in a Last Knockout Standing match at Against All Odds… Shelly Martinez posted a YouTube video saying she was “breaking up” with wrestling… Add Mia Yim to the participants in the 3rd Annual ACW American Joshi Queen of Queens tournament… Aksana is the new Queen of FCW after beating Rosa Mendes… Vickie Guerrero will appear at the FCW shows this weekend in Gainesville , FL and Punta Gorda , FL… Looks like TNA haven’t learned from shelling out a reported $15k on Jersey Shore’s JWoww for one appearance which didn’t move ratings or spike mainstream media attention. They’re apparently in talks to have Angelina Pivarnick from the show in a pay-per-view match. Yes – they want you to pay MONEY to see that… Shaul Guerrero is Eddie and Vickie’s daughter. So in someone’s infinite wisdom, she’s been repackaged in FCW as Raquel Diaz… LuFisto’s still getting receipts from those deathmatches she took part in – her boyfriend pulled a 4 year old shard of glass out of her back this week.


TNA Impact (03/02) – Mickie James b. Sarita via knockout.

WWE Superstars (03/02) – Melina b. Tamina

Ice Ribbon (03/02, Tokyo, Japan) – Emi Sakura b. Mochi Miyagi; Chii Tomiya & Kaji Tomato b. Miyako Matsumoto & Saburo Inematsu; Kaori Yoneyama b Mida Iida; Hikaru Shida & Tsukasa Fujimoto b Bambi & Makoto

WWE SmackDown (04/02) – Kelly Kelly and Edge b. LayCool and Dolph Ziggler in a match with the World Heavyweight Title on the line. Vickie Guerrero ‘fired’ Kelly after the match.

Platinum Championship Wrestling (04/03, Avondale Estates, GA) Aisha Sunshine b Pandora (DQ)

NWA Main Event (04/03, Nashville , TN ) Derrick Neal & Jessie Belle Smothers b Diamond Steele & Mickie Knuckles

ECCW (04/02, Abbotford, BC, Canada) – Nicole Matthews b. Veronika Vice

Pro Wrestling Respect (05/02, Easton, PA) – Mia Yim b. Jamilia Craft

ChickFight (05/02, San Fransisco, CA) – Alissa Flash b. Shantelle Taylor (Taylor Wilde)

Real Championship Wrestling (05/03, Baltimore , MD ) Madison Eagles b. Sara Del Rey (DQ)

Awesome Wrestling Entertainment (05/03, Waynesboro, VA) Maile Lei b Traci Brooks (DQ)

FFCP (05/02, Laval, Pays de la Loire, France) – Rhia O’Reilly & Sean South b. Carmel Jacob & Carribe Colombia

Ice Ribbon (05/02, Tokyo, Japan) – Tsukushi b. Kurumi; Hikari Manami & Ken Ohka b. Chii Tomiya & Rhio; Tsukasa Fujimoto b. Miki Iida; Mchi Miyagi & Rio Muzinami b. Hikaru Shida & Makoto

WWE Raw (07/02) Eve Torres, Tamina and Gail Kim b. Melina and the Bellas


February 11: NHPW (Fremantle, Western Australia) “NHPW Hi-Fi Champion” David Hawk & “Rate Tank” Kellie Skater v “TEC” Percy T & “Everybody’s Favourite Girlfriend” Jessie McKay

February 13: TNA Against All Odds – Madison Rayne v Mickie James (Last Knockout Standing)

February 14: WWE Raw – Eve Torres v Melina

February 18: 2CW (Binghamton, NY) – Madison Eagles v Portia Perez

February 19: MCW (Melbourne, Australia) – Kellie Skater v Shazza McKenzie

February 19: POWW (Willowbrook, IL) – Nikki & Melissa Coates v Melanie Cruise & Taylor Made

February 20: CHIKARA (Easton, PA) – Madison Eagles v Sara Del Rey

February 26: CLASH Wrestling (Taylor, MI) Sassy Stephie v Arella Angel plus Mena Libra in action

Feb 26: POWW (Elk Grove Village, IL) – Melanie Cruise v Nikki

March 5: WSU (Union City, NJ) – iPPV with WSU Champion Mercedes Martinez v Serena Deeb; Spirit Champion Brittney Savage v Sassy Stephie; Uncensored Rules – Tag Team Champions Belle Saints vs Amy Lee/Cindy Rogers vs Soul Sisters; Alicia vs Jazz; Jessicka Havok vs Rain; April Hunter & ??? vs The Boston Shore; Jennifer Cruz vs Jamilia Craft; Nikki Roxx vs Niya; Kristin Astara vs Allisyn Kay; Monique vs Brittney Force

March 12: ACW (St Louis, MO) – Rachel and Jessica’s Excellent Tag Team v MsChif and Daizee Haze v Portia Perez and Electro

March 12: NCW: Femmes Fatales (Montreal, Quebec) – LuFisto defends the NCF:FF title against Ayako Hamada; Cat Power v PJ Tyler in a Streetfight; and Allison Danger v Anastacia Ivy; Kellie Skater Vs. Sweet Cherrie; Anna Minoushka Vs. Mistress Belmont; Kalamity Vs. Mercedes Martinez

March 20: Pro Wrestling SUN (Jackson, NJ) – Allison Danger v Madison Eagles; Mia Svensson v Mia Yim; Sara Del Rey v Mercedes Martinez v Kellie Skater

March 26-27: SHIMMER: Women Athletes (Berwyn, IL) – 4 DVD tapings featuring SHIMMER Champion Madison Eagles, Tag Team Champions the Canadian Ninjas, Serena Deeb, Daizee Haze, Sara Del Rey, Cheerleader Melissa, Hiroyo Matsumoto, Misaki Ohata, Britani Knight and Sweet Saraya

April 8-9: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Norwich, UK (April 8) and Sudbury UK (April 9)) – A two night tournament to determine the first ever PW:EVE Champion featuring Britani Knight, Sweet Saraya, Jetta, Nikki Storm, Becky James, Rhia O’Reilly and the debuting Kay Lee Ray

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– Lee Burton

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