Tonight’s Divas match at the Royal Rumble produced two surprises, but neither one turned out to be what many people expected.

Right as LayCool and Natalya were squaring off, Raw’s General Manager interrupted with a message for all three women. Michael Cole reads that with Teddy Long indisposed, the GM is in charge. This match is now a fatal four way: Natalya vs. Layla vs. Michelle McCool vs. the following Diva…

Perfect chance for Amazing Kong to debut, right? Wrong – instead we got Eve. Seriously? The audience seemed to be as confused as everyone at home.

As for the match itself, it teased Layla and Michelle having to fight one another (although it wound up not happening), but the crowd popped when the two faced off.

The second surprise came at the end. Eve hit a moonsault on Layla and went for the cover. At the same time, however, Michelle rolled up Natalya for a pin as well. The referee only saw Eve’s pin so he gave her the three and the win for her second Divas Championship. Cue shocked looks from Michelle and Natalya.

This could (and maybe should) have been Melina’s title win. Speculation ran wild that Melina’s tweets had gotten her in trouble, and therefore Eve pinning the number one contender was a warning. One could speculate that Melina’s loss was Eve’s gain. Still, how many people were hoping and even expecting Kong to be that mystery entrant? It would have been an excellent opportunity to bring her in as no one’s ally.

What shouldn’t be overlooked is the woeful commentary from Michael Cole, Matt Striker and Jerry Lawler. King essentially pointed out that nobody’s interested in the skills of the wrestlers involved and we should point out how hot they are instead – he won’t be getting Andy Gray’s job on Sky Sports. The other main point was the commentary team popping for a double Sharpshooter by Natalya, claiming it had never been seen before. This coming from the same team that watched her do the same thing just a month ago at the TLC PPV.

Other Diva-related action took place during Edge vs. Dolph Ziggler. Vickie Guerrero was attacked by a mystery blonde, but it wasn’t until the camera panned back that we saw clearly who it was. No, not Kaitlyn as one might have expected.

Instead it was a remarkably fiery Kelly Kelly. While it was great to see her out there playing a significant role, one wonders…why? Why did Kelly feel the need to come down and even the odds for Edge? Isn’t she still involved in a storyline with Drew McIntyre? Rumours abound that Kelly may be turning heel – but for my part, I don’t see that happening. A possibility is that Vickie and Dolph will go after Kelly in retaliation, thereby bringing Drew McIntyre into the mix to rescue her. This in turn would make Drew a face and start a feud between the four. That’s only one possible avenue but hopefully this week’s Smackdown will reveal Kelly’s motives.

The last Diva-related item from the Royal Rumble was the interaction between Gail Kim, Daniel Bryan and the Bella Twins. The Bellas offered flowers and apologies for attacking Gail last week, claiming they were caught off guard. However, once they thought things through, they thought that it made sense. Someone like Gail appealed to Daniel Bryan – a subtle insult to both Kim and Bryan. As before, it wound up with Gail attacking both Bellas, Daniel trying to pull one of them off, getting a slap for his troubles, and several referees finally breaking it up.

It feels like Nikki and Brie are turning more heelish, so if this scenario does happen, one wonders who they would call upon to go after Bryan.

Overall, this year’s Royal Rumble brought surprises, just not ones that made sense. It felt like the booking you would find in TNA.

– Jennifer

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