Women Superstars Uncensored’s second venture onto internet pay-per-view is the big push towards its flagship show of the year, the 4th Anniversary Show on March 5. Essentially, even though it featured a stacked card and a title unification bout in the main event, think of The Last Chapter as the equivalent of a WWE b-show like Elimination Chamber, in that it is designed to be a three hour commercial for WrestleMania.

Nevertheless, with two triple threat matches, an Uncensored rules match and a ladder match, this was shaping up to be a pretty varied night of action. So after throwing down $10 to GoFightLive for the privilege, this writer sat down to experience his first ever iPPV.

Impressively, The Last Chapter started on time with a video package hyping up the title unification ladder match between WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez and All Guts No Glory Champion Angel Orsini. Following that, both wrestlers were called out to the ring for a quick promo sparring session and to hang the titles from the rafters.

One thing that should be noted from the outset is the belts themselves. Christ, they are ugly – especially the All Guts No Glory title, created by Orsini as she was banned from going for the World Title after losing to Martinez two years ago. However, after getting under Martinez’s skin with her new, orange and catastrophically unattractive belt, the World Champion decided to grant her one final shot at the Big One.

The opening bout saw the debuting Athena attack Niya during her ring entrance, kicking her in the back of the head while Niya was performing the splits. Some Matrix-style bends, flips and counters ended with Athena getting the advantage by getting her knees up when Niya attempted a standing moonsault, and then punished the WSU mainstay with a handspring crescent kick in the corner. What was shaping up to be an impressive start for Athena came to a sudden and somewhat anticlimactic halt with Niya getting the win with a TKO out of nowhere for the three.

Following a backstage segment where Sassy Stephie was surrounded by the members of the Cosmo Club only for Alicia to attempt to even things up and see off the antagonisers, we were treated to a tag team match featuring the Boston Shore (Amber and Lexxus) taking on the uneasy odd couple of Jennifer Cruz and Monique. Cruz took a beating at the hands of the Shore after eating a big Lexxus lariat, but eventually managed to make the first (and incidentally only) tag to Monique for the comeback, only to be cut off by an Amber enziguri and a Lexxus running Dave Moralez-esque senton for the pin. The Shore then challenged April Hunter and Traci Brooks to face them at the 4th Anniversary Show.

Just before the first triple threat match of the night, we saw video footage from midweek with the Tag Team Champions the Belle Saints at a WSU party which came off like a magazine piece from Sunday Night Heat (which is meant to be a compliment, it was pretty nice).

The two triple threat contests on The Last Chapter featured one member of each team who will be involved in the Three Way Dance for the Tag Team Titles at the 4th Anniversary. The first featured Amy Lee of the Cosmo Club, Latasha from the Soul Sisters and Tina San Antonio from the Belle Saints.

As triple threat matches go, this one was pretty straightforward, as the smaller Latasha and Tina teamed up to try and take down the foul-mouthed and vulgar Lee (for anyone who’s not seen Amy Lee before, she certainly puts the Uncensored in WSU). The Cosmo Club representative got the win with a chokeslam and big splash on Tina.

Debut number 2 of the night Allysin Kay fell to Jamilia Craft in a short contest. After wards, Craft was attacked by Jennifer Cruz, who challenged her for the 4th Anniversary Show. Following a quick ad for WSU Uncensored TV featuring Jessicka Havok (and a lot of her cleavage) we were presented with the second triple threat of the night with the Cosmo Club’s Cindy Rogers, the Soul Sisters’ Jana and the Belle Saints’ Marti Belle.

Jamilia Craft headlocks the debuting Allysin Kay

If it’s possible, Rogers’ gear is getting worse. When she was a mainstay in SHIMMER: Women Athletes, she had plain black or red tights and a sports top. Now, she’s gone away with the sports top, replaced it with a tie-dye long sleeved t-shirt and a haircut that HAD to have been for a bet. However, where Cindy’s look lets her down, her wrestling skills are still strong, and she used that to get the advantage. However, the Cosmo Club couldn’t do the double, as Jana made Marti tap out to a guillotine choke.

All their partners came out after the match for a brawl, with the end result being that the Tag Team Title Three Way Dance on March 5 will be fought under Uncensored Rules. Unfortunately, this was the weakest match of the show, but the final three matches were a definite upswing.

Sassy Stephie’s plan in WSU is pretty straightforward: she intends to take down the Cosmo Club by defeating its leader Brittany Savage and winning the Spirit Championship at the 4th Anniversary show. For The Last Chapter, Stephie teamed up with WSU veteran and initial franchise of the promotion Alicia to take on Savage and her Boy Diva Rick Cataldo.

It is clear early on that Savage wants no part of Stephie, so she hits and runs, letting Cataldo do the in-ring work. Stephie took a beating early on after being nailed by a sneaky Brittany clothesline on the outside but managed to tag Alicia in, who rallied back with a sweet sit-out hiptoss on Savage before getting cut off by Cataldo. Refusing to stay down, Alicia fought her way back into the match with a Yakuza kick and a sit-out spinebuster before tagging Stephie back in to get her hands on the Spirit Champion. Stephie got the win for her team by nailing the Kiss My Sass on the Boy Diva, staring out her March 5 opponent in the process.

Following the match, Alicia got on the microphone to remind us all that she had a contract to challenge for any title at any time, which she earned after winning the WSU Uncensored Rumble last year. Keep that in mind.

Like Stephie, 6-foot tall Jessicka Havok is on a mission in WSU. After being part of Rain’s Army as her enforcer, she broke away last summer and made it her intention to take it down one member at a time before getting her hands on The Radiant One. Standing in her way at The Last Chapter was Nikki Roxx in an Uncensored Rules match.

Havok and Roxx brawl into the crowd

Fighting all over the ACE Arena in Union City, NJ, Roxx got the early advantage before letting Havok brawl her way into the lead, only to retake the heat as they made their way back to the ring. Showing her desire to smash the Army, Havok fought out of two Barbie Crushers, getting the win after countering the second with a big Air Raid Crash. A big win over the former WSU Champion ahead of her match with Rain on March 5.

They have fought with bullropes, in cages and for 70 minutes in Iron Woman Matches – now Mercedes Martinez and Angel Orsini looked to settle things once and for all in a Winner Take All Ladder Match for the WSU World and All Guts No Glory championships.

Orsini got her hands on the ladder first, but was punished for her eagerness as Martinez dropkicked it into her face. Angel managed to make the first attempt to climb for the belts but was countered by a back suplex and was then run face-first into a ladder in the corner. Martinez looked to hold on to her advantage by monkeyflipping Orsini onto the steel, but was beaten by Angel with a kendo stick and fittingly, a bullrope. Mercedes managed to fight back with a spinebuster on the ladder and showing she was pretty handy with a kendo stick too. An Orsini quebrada onto a prone Martinez worked a lot better than the subsequent top rope moonsault, before eating a brutal fisherman buster on a chair.

Brawling outside, the WSU Champion, hit Angel with a rib-crushing splash from the top to the outside while she was lying prone on the ladder which was straddled between the ring and guardrail. Refusing to stay down, Orsini nailed a Side Effect from the ladder and a sitout powerbomb and then – summoning the All Guts side of her self-proclaimed title – hit Martinez with a spear from the ladder while the Champion was hanging from the rafters.

Mercedes Martinez takes the titles

With both titles hanging in the balance and the match reaching the 40 minute mark, Mercedes managed to execute a second fisherman buster from the ladder, giving her enough time to climb the ladder, retrieve both belts and mark her 34th successful WSU World Title defence.

While this iPPV was called The Last Chapter, it appears it may not be so – as Martinez got on the microphone to congratulate her beaten opponent and tell her that she’s welcome to come for the World Title in the future. As she was doing so, Alicia’s music hit and she came to the ring with a referee and her contract.

Fortunately, Alicia told us that it was a headfake more than anything, just reminding us that she COULD challenge for the belt at any time, but she wasn’t going to do it at that moment, and would be cashing it in at the 4th Anniversary show on March 5 against the winner of that show’s main event between Mercedes Martinez and Serena Deeb.

What you will probably notice during this review is that the 4th Anniversary Show on March 5 is mentioned a lot. That is a good thing – the show, the matches and the date were burned into the mind of the viewer, and the quality of this card was a great commercial for their flagship event in 6 weeks time, and highlighted how all the championships are in jeopardy on that show. Tag Team Champions the Belle Saints were beaten in both triple threat matches, Sassy Stephie made her intentions to win the Spirit Title from Brittany Savage very clear – and considering the Cosmo Club is banned from ringside for that match, it’s sure to be one-on-one – and Mercedes Martinez knows she may have to wrestle twice to leave the 4th Anniversary Show with the WSU World Title.

Apart from the overall quality of the camerawork, direction and editing of the iPPV – which was pretty damn good – the main thing viewers will take away is how utterly great the main event was. Mercedes Martinez and Angel Orsini competed in an early March of the Year candidate that will take some beating. WSU: The Last Chapter was one hell of a show, and for $10, it was the sale of the century. Frankly, if you’re buying WWE or TNA PPVs and feeling flat or dissatisfied with the quality or length of the Divas or Knockouts match offered, give this a shot. It’s a world cheaper than WWE or TNA, the picture quality is perfectly fine and the wrestling is good too. This show – and the subsequent replays and word of mouth – should see even bigger viewing numbers for their iPPV on March 5.

– Lee Burton

You can catch a replay of The Last Chapter on GoFightLive (now $15) by clicking here.

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