Episode 12 with Rain
We’ve got Rain on our birthday, but we don’t care~! Yes, it’s the podcast’s first anniversary, and we are pleased to welcome AAA luchadora Rain to the show. You want news? You want rumours busted? Come right ahead and get all the scoops direct from the Radiant one. Rain covers various stories relating to her current status with AAA, and gives the lowdown on the WWE tryout rumours, including who tried out and who didn’t. We talk Sexi Star, Jennifer Blake, which wrestler has hit Rain the hardest in her entire career, wrestling as FELONY~! in Wrestlicious, the full story behind her TNA run as Miss Payton Banks, confirmation on her status with SHIMMER, various upcoming plans, taking money from ringsiders, nut shots and lots of Home Wrecking hilarity. It’s hotter than a toaster, it’s the Women of Wrestling Podcast!!
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