Episode 7 with Amazing Kong
Yes, listeners, it’s not that long since Kong was on Diva Dirt for an interview, but please join us now for “Amazing Kong 2: Electric Boogaloo”, as the Women of Wrestling Podcast delves further into the career of the former multiple time women’s champion Amazing Kong. Yes, we said Amazing Kong. Hear for yourself Kong’s thoughts on the male/female pay discrepancy in the business, the firing of BTLS and the hiring of Betsy Ruth, then travel back for a whistle stop tour of Kong’s career, from a desire to meet her hero to that fateful meeting – via reality TV, the Inoki Dojo, All Japan Women, meeting Hamada, playing Margaret in HUSTLE, visiting the UK (and our fine hospitals), tearing up the SHIMMER ranks and her recent returns to Japan and ROH. This is Amazing Kong as you’ve never heard her before! Over an hour of Kong, plus nearly 30 minutes of news, opinions and reviews to open. You want this. You want it ALLLLLL!
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